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How to Control Sand for 600kw Diesel Generator Set in Desert Area?

Dec. 02, 2019

Generally speaking, the power in desert area is relatively backward, so the use of diesel generators is indispensable. Due to the special climate conditions in desert area, the power supply is often poor, so a good diesel generator set is very necessary for local enterprises. 


The desert area is short of water all the year round, the temperature in summer is super high, and the temperature difference between day and night is big, but these are not enough to defeat 600kw diesel generator set. However, there is a large amount of sandstorm in the desert area. If the sand control measures are not taken properly, it is likely to affect the working efficiency of the unit. Even cause unit wear, reduce unit life. Therefore, it is necessary to take sand control measures and pay special attention.


How to control sand for 600kw diesel generator set in desert area?

The sand control measures are mainly aimed at the air inlet end of the unit, that is, the air intake valve. There is an air filter element at the air inlet end of the unit, but this can only be satisfied with the general environment. In order to avoid the large amount of dust into the engine body, causing early wear of diesel generator set. We can cover the cap of the air filter element with a fine hole gauze to prevent sand.

diesel generator set


What should we pay attention to the use of 600kw diesel generator set in desert area?

When operating the unit.

1.After starting the diesel engine, it should idle for 3-5 minutes, and then rise to the rated speed, do not suddenly make it run at high speed.

2.When the diesel generator set is in working condition (with high temperature), it is forbidden to open the water tank cover to avoid scalding.

3.To prevent the components from getting involved in the machine. It is forbidden to start the generator set after the protective net of the generator set is removed.

4.Observe the water temperature and oil pressure at any time during the operation of the unit. Stop the unit if the water temperature is higher than 100 ℃ or the oil pressure is lower than 0.1.

When stopping the unit.

1.Slow down the speed and stop the unit after idling for 3-5 minutes.

2.When the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, drain the water in the water tank, diesel engine body and oil cooler.

Special attention.

1.The generator air switch (circuit breaker) must be disconnected before starting and stopping. It is strictly prohibited to start or stop the unit when it is loaded.

2.It is forbidden to operate the diesel engine for too long time(no more than 15 minutes) without load.

Some users think that although in desert area, but the generator set is used in the machine room and will not be affected by the wind and sand, so they do not protect the unit against sand. In fact, this is a unilateral idea. Even indoors, the amount of windblown sand in the air in desert areas is much higher than that in general areas. The air filter element of the unit can not completely isolate these sandstorms, so in order to protect your unit, you must carefully implement the above sand prevention measures.

Our diesel generator sets are sold to all over the world, also many clients buy unit for desert areas. Therefore, we recommend more suitable units to customers according to the site where they use diesel generators.

How to configure parts of diesel engine and alternator in desert areas?

1.Heavy duty air filter. To prevent excessive dust in the air from affecting the engine.

2.Alternator filter net. Prevent the dust in the air from entering the electric ball, which will reduce the power by 5%.

3.Diesel filter and primary filter. To prevent dust in the air from entering the fuel system.

The above optional products can effectively prevent dust damage to the alternator or engine.

Diesel generator set for desert is one of many special condition generator sets. In addition, we should pay attention to the selection and matching of diesel generator set under high temperature and high altitude conditions. For these conditions, we also can provide effective solutions.

Starlight Power is a manufacturer of diesel generators with more than 43 years’ experience. If you plan to purchase generator set for desert areas or others, but do not know how to do, welcome to contact us(sales@dieselgeneratortech.com). Professionals will answer for you.

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