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How to Choose Air filter for Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 18, 2018

Filter mode of air filter for diesel generator set

The function of the air filter of diesel generator set is to filter the dust and impurity in the air and draw the clean air into the cylinder to reduce the wear of piston connecting rod unit, valve distribution mechanism and cylinder. The basic requirement for selecting air filters are high filtration efficiency, low resistance, long service life and convenient maintenance. There are three ways to filter air filters.

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1. Intertial type (centrifugal)


Taking advantage of the high density of dust and impurity in the air, the dust and impurity are separated from the air by leading the airflow to rotate or turn sharply, so as to separate the dust and impurity from the air under the action of centrifugal force.


2. Oil bath type (wet type)


The air passes through the oil, and the air impurities are deposited in the oil and filtered.


3. Filter type (dry type)


Guide airflow through the filter so that dust and impurities are adhered to the filter. In order to obtain better filtering effect, the two or three ways mentioned above can be used. Air filter is composed of filter shell and filter core. Filter shell is made of thin steel sheet. Filter element has metal filter and paper filter, etc.


135 serious air filters for 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder direct diesel engines. The paper filter (metal wire filter) is widely used at present. The filter element is generally made of resin treated micro-porous filter paper. The upper and lower ends of the filter element are sealed by plastic sealing gasket. When the diesel engine works, the air is filtered through the paper filter, and the cylinder is inhaled from nozzle along the intake pipe. The filter has the advantage of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance. However, when used in the environment with large amount of dust, the working life is shorter.


Domestic 135 series  turbocharged diesel engine for swirl paper air filter. 

It mainly consists of three parts, swirl coarse filter, paper main fine filter and safety filter. By the centrifugal force of the swirl tube, most of the dust particles in the air fall into the dust collecting chamber at the lower end of the swirl tube, and the dust particles are discharged through the exhaust ejector along with the exhaust gas of the diesel engine. After coarse filtration, cleaner air is filtered through paper filter and safety filter element, and finally enters the cylinder of diesel engine.


When the swirl paper air filter is used, the outlet of the muffler needs to be pre-fitted with a machining exhaust ejector. When the diesel engine exhausts, the high-speed airflow increases the exhaust gas flow through the pipe, thus forming the vacuum.


How to select air filter for diesel generator set?


Due to the reason that the dust in the air is the main cause of wear of cylinder head, piston ring, valve and valve dust and other moving parts, the larger the dust content in the intake of diesel engine, the faster the wear of diesel engine parts. The wear test of the engine shows that the influence of the dust particles less than 1um on the engine is less than 99.5% of the dust particles will be discharged through the engine exhaust gas, while the 1-10um dust particle has a measurable effect on the engine life. If the dust particle size of the engine inlet is larger than the thickness of the bearing oil film, the life of the engine bearing bush and piston ring will be seriously affected. Therefore, the careful selection of diesel engine air filter is very important to the service life of diesel engine.


According to the application, the air filter used in diesel generator set is divided into light air filer and heavy air filter. The filter efficiency of light air filter is above 99.5% and 6.4h/1s, respectively. It is suitable for diesel generator set and marine propulsion diesel generator set working under low dust content in ambient air. It mainly includes air filter cap, shell and a filter core and so on.


The filter efficiency and capacity of heavy-dust air filter are above 99.9% and 53f/1s, respectively, which are suitable for construction machinery, mining vehicles and special towed vehicles for off-road use, which work under special working conditions with high dust content in ambient air. Agricultural, forestry and water conservancy engineering machinery, railway construction machinery, etc. The heavy duty air filter is mainly composed of the shell of the filter, the core of the two-stage air filter and the swirl tube group, etc. Air enters each swirl tube from a small hole around the swirl tube shell in the tangent direction, and the swirl rube passed through the guide blade in the tube to produce a strong swirl. In the swirl and reverse processes, due to the effect of centrifugal force, impurity particles entrapped with water and dust in the air are thrown into the tube wall of the swirl tube and its underside, and then fall into the dust accumulation plate of the air filter. The dust is then removed from the dust collecting disk in a regular or regular manner. The air flow is reversed from the bottom of the swirl tube, flowing through its ventilator, and then it enters the shell of the air filter. The residual light dust is filtered into the inner filter by the microporous outer filter or the main filter element. Finally, the clean air from the safety filter is cooled by the supercharger and the intercooler, and then it enters the combustion chamber of the diesel engine to take part in combustion.


For heavy duty air filters, the dust outlet should be opened frequently during use. When necessary, the dust collecting tray can be removed, the accumulated dust and so on can be removed, and no dust accumulation can be accumulated on the dust collecting tray. The duration of the gap depends on the amount of dust in the atmosphere in which the environment is used.


How to replace the air filter element of diesel generator set?


The air filter of diesel generator set plays an important role in the genset and needs to be replaced regularly. Users should regularly clean diesel generator and replace the generator air filter to avoid excessive adhesion to dust on the filter, resulting in increased intake resistance, engine power reduction and fuel consumption increase.


Below introduced the replacement method of air filter for diesel generator set.


1. Use compressed air to clean the dust attached to the shell.

2. Remove air filter cover and filter element, scrap filter.

3. Cover the air filter housing with a clean covering to the inlet of the compressor to prevent dust from entering the air intake system.

4. Use compressed air to clean the inside of the shell of the air filer.

5. Check that the new filter is intact and remove the compressor inlet covering.

6. Install new filter element and make sure both ends of air filter are sealed reliably, install empty filter cover.


After replacing the air filter core, endure that the air filter has reliable sealing at both ends and no air leakage.


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