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How to Identify a Genuine Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 15, 2019

In general, diesel generator set is divided into four parts: Diesel engine, generator, control system and accessories. To make you understand better, please read the following article carefully that will show you how to identify a genuine diesel genset.

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1. Diesel Engine


Diesel engine is the power output part of the whole generator set, accounting for 70% of the cost of diesel generating set. Most of the diesel engines of the gensets manufacturers are out-purchased but not self-produced. Some bad manufacturers usually make use of this channel to sale the fasle diesel engines.


Fake diesel engine


At present, the well-known diesel engines on the market almost have generic manufacturers. Some manufacturers use the same shape imitation machine to pretend to be the famous brand. Using the fake brand name, printing the fake factory information and other fake plate means to mix the false with the genuine so as to achieve the low cost purpose. It is difficult to distinguish the deck machine if you are not a professional.



Refurbished Old Machines

The famous brand gensets will also renovate the old machines. If you are not professionals, it is hard to distinguish. However, there are some flaws in the renovation of the old machines, such as paint, especially the corner paint, it is hard to do the same as the original manufacturer.


Confuse the public with a similar factory name

These manufacturers are opportunistic. They do not dare to do fake plate and refurbishment instead of confusing the public with a similar factory or diesel engine name. For example, some manufacturers use homonyms and even the same word to register their own brands like XXX Cummins generator set company and KMS genset. In fact, there is no any relationship with the genuine Cummins engine, just the brand name is the same. The out-purchased generator sets by the manufacturers are configured with a variety of inferior brand diesel engines, which claim to be the genuine generator sets and sell to customers.


Power confusion


The confusion relationship between KVA and KW. Take KVA as KW and exaggerate the power to sell to customers. As a matter of fact, KVA is commonly used in foreign countries, KW is commonly used in domestic. The relationship between them is 1KW=1.25KVA. Usually, imported units use KVA to indicate the power unit; the domestic electrical equipments are expressed by KW.


The bad manufacturers usually take standby power as normal power and sell to customers. They just talk about one power and ignore the relationship between normal power and standby power. Actually, standby power = 1.1 normal (Rated) power. Moreover, standby power can only be used for 1 hour in continuous operation for 12 hours.

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 Silent diesel genset

2. Generator

The role of the generator is to convert the power of the diesel engine to the electric energy, which is directly related to the quality and stability of the output power.


Stator coil

The original stator coils are made with copper wire. But now, with the improvement of the thread-making technology, copper clad aluminum wire appears. Different from the copper plated aluminum wire, the copper clad aluminum wire is made with special mould. The copper layer is thicker than the copper plating. Although the generator stator coil is made with copper clad aluminum wire, there is not much difference in performance, just the service life is much shorter than the copper wire stator coil.


Excitation mode

Generator excitation mode is divided into phase compound excitation and brushless self-excitation.The brushless self-excitation, the advantage of excitation stability and easy maintenance has become the mainstream. However, out of cost consideration, some manufacturers installed phase compound excitation generators in the below 300KW generator set.

3. Control System

Ordinary standard generating set requires manual valve. It usually takes 10 to 30 minutes for the diesel generating set to start supplying power after power cut.

The generator set automation control is divided into semi-automation and full-automation types. Semi-automatic control panel can automatically start when power cut and automatically stops when there is electricity.Although the start downtime is omitted, it still requires manual valve. Full-automatic control panel installed ATS dual power transfer switch which can directly detect the electricity signal and automatically switch. Meanwhile, it can control the automatic start and stop of the diesel generator set, which achieves a full-automatic and unattended operation. Switching time between 3 and 7 seconds is adjustable.

Hospitals, military, fire fighting and other electric fields must be equipped with qutomatic control panel.


4. Accessories

The auxiliary parts of the regular diesel generator set are composed of battery, battery wire, silencer, shock absorber, air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, bellows, connecting flange and oil pipe.


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