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Working Conditions of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 15, 2019

The working conditions of diesel generator set is that it can output the rated power under the condition of prescriptive environment, and also can work reliably and continuously.

The working conditions of power plants (units) stipulated by the national standard is mainly determined by the altitude, ambient temperature, relative humidity, mold, salt fog and the degree of inclination.


The standard working conditions should be adopted to determine the rated power of the diesel genset.


Due to the diesel engine, AC synchronous generator and the control device have its own rules and standards in the national standard, so in the selection and determination of the genset working conditions, these factors should be considered, and it should be based on diesel engine.

diesel generator set


According to GB/T 2819-1995 “General Technical Requirements of Mobile Power Station” stipulation, the environment conditions of the rated power outputed by the power station shall be one of the following  requirements and shall be explicitly defined in the product technical conditions.



Ambient temperature

Relative air humidity








The diesel genset shall be capable of outputting the specified power (allowing correction) and working reliably under the following conditions.


Altitude: 4000m

Ambient temperature: Upper limit value: 40°C45°C50°C

Lower limit value: -40°C-25°C5°C

Degree of inclination: For the diesel power station, the vertical and horizonal gradient of the power station is not beyond 10°C or 15°C.

Relative humidity, condensation and mold:

a. The diesel generator set working conditions should comply with the following table.


Upper limit value of ambient temperature/°C







Relative humidity

Maximum mean monthly relative   humidity





Mean monthly minimum relative   humidity






Refers that the average minimum temperature of the month is 25°C, the average monthly minimum humidity refers to the average daily minimum temperature of the month.

Refers that the average maximum temperature of the month is 25°C, the average monthly maximum humidity refers to the average daily maximum temperature of the month.

b. Mildew-growing: After the genset electric parts have been tested through the mildew-growing, the grade of surface mildew shall not exceed level of 2 specified in GB/T 2423.16-2008 “Environmental Test for Electric and Electronic Products”.



The site conditions for the operation of the unit shall be clearly defined by the user, and also shall be specified for any particular hazardous conditions such as explosive atmospheres and flammable gases.

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