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How to Secure Electric Shock from Generator Set

Jan. 26, 2018

When operating a diesel generator set, paying attention to the human being's safety is very important. Any mistaken operation could lead to injury. What should we do when there is something bad happens?

2.7 Electric power

The electric installation can only be operated effectively and safely under the correct installation, operation and maintenance.

How to Secure Electric Shock from Generator Set


The load connection of this machine requires experienced electrician with certification and must be in consistent with relevant regulations, standard and other specification of electrical equipment. If necessary, ask the agent to send somebody for examining the machine before start it.

It is only applicable when the electric generating set (including pulling electric generating set) is ensured to be connected to the electrical equipment whose specification complies with the local standard.

It is necessary to open the negative connection (-) of battery before connecting or dismounting the load.

Do not connect or dismount load standing in water or on wet ground.

Do not touch the electrification components or power leads by body or metal components without insulation when it is in electric power generation.

The connection box cover shall be reset immediately after finishing the connection or dismount the load. It is forbidden to operate with the cover open.

The load of power supply and electric power system applied for this machine must be compatible with the characteristics of this machine and within the volume of this machine.

Be sure to cut all powers during the maintenance.

Keep all electric installations dry and clean. Any wire insulation found to be cracking, incised, or worn, fade or corroded shall be replaced immediately. Keep the connector post clean and tight.

Ensure that all power joints and dismounted power lines are equipped with appropriate insulation.

Only CO2 and dry-chemical fire extinguisher can be used for relinquishment during fire alarm.


2.8 Rescue the electric shocked

It is forbidden to touch the skin of electric injured with free hands before the

power cut off.

*Cut power if possible.

*Or pull out plug or draw away the guide line from the wounded.

*If the above measures failed, then stand on the dry insulation to push the wounded away from the conductor. It is best to push with insulate materials like as dry wood.

*If the wounded is still in breathing, move his body position to the “recover”position described in the following.

*If the wounded lost his consciousness, rescue by artificial respiration according to the situation. 


Open his respiratory passage

1.  Have the wounded head bending backward and lift his chin up.

2.  Take out the material blocked up in his mouth or throat (including denture, cigarette, chewing gum, etc.)



1. Observe with eyes, listen with ears and test with hands to examine whether the wounded is still in breathing.


Circulatory system


1.Check with the carotid artery of the wounded to see whether he still has pulse.

If he has pulse but no breath

2.Hold his nose forcibly.

3.Take a deep breath, and then seal the wounded lips with your lips.

4.Import air into the wounded mouth little by little, observe his chest rise slowly

and let the chest fall completely. Do 10 times every minute.

5.If there’s nobody else and need others help, do 10 times artificial respiration to the wounded first and run for seeking help, then return back quickly to continue the artificial respiration.

6.Check his pulse after every 10 times artificial respiration.

7.When the wounded recovered his breath, put his body on the “recover” position described in the following.


No breath and pulse

1. Call ambulance immediately.

2. Do artificial respiration to the wounded for two times and then press his chest

according to the following steps.

3. Press your palm on right blow where is two-finger width from the joint of

thorax and sternum.

4. Press the other palm on the palm pressed on the chest with fingers pointed


5. Keep the arms stretched and press for 4-5cm(for 1.5-2 hours)for 15 times at a

frequency of 80 times every minute.

6. Repeat the above steps (do artificial respiration for two times and press for 15

times) until the ambulance man arrived.

7. If the situation turns improved and the wounded recovered his pulse, continue

the artificial respiration and check his pulse every 10 times of artificial respiration

8. When the  wounded recovered  his breath,  put his  body according to  the

following described position.


“Recover” position

1.Have the wounded lie on his side according to the following instructions.

2.Have his head inclined but his chin stretch out forward to ensure the open of

his respiratory passage.

3.Make sure that he wouldn’t roll forward or backward.

4.Check his breath and pulse regularly. Rescue with the above mentioned ways immediately if either one stopped.

It is not allowed to have the wounded drink drinks and water if he didn’t regain consciousness.


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