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Professional Tips For Diesel Generator Set Security

Jan. 25, 2018

2.3 Fire and explosion

The fuel applied by the electric generating set and discharged smog is inflammable and dangerous of potential explosion, and cautious treatment on these materials is a preventative measure.

Professional Tips For Diesel Generator Set Security

Meanwhile, be sure that generator room is full of applicable sufficient CO2 and dry-chemical fire

extinguisher for the purpose of security. Users are required to know how to use these equipment.


Make sure the room for installing electric generating set has adequate atmospheric conditions.

Make sure the cleaning of generator room, floor and electric generating set. Clean the leaked fuel, battery electrolyte, or cooling liquid immediately.

It is forbidden to store the inflammable liquid besides the generator.

The oily wiper shall be stored in a container with metal cover.

It is not allowed to smoke or sparking or other behaviors easy to cause naked flame near the battery and fuel because the gas volatilized by fuel will cause explosion and so does the volatilize produced by the battery charging.

Cut the power of battery charger before connecting or cutting the battery.

Make the electrical conductors like metal tools, etc. far away from the exposed electrification parts like output electrode for the purpose of preventing electric arc or spark since the electric arc will cause fuel or gas explore.

It is forbidden to pour fuel into tank when the machine is running.

It is not allowed to start the machine when know there’s fuel leakage.

Be careful when there’s over unburned gas accumulated in the exhaust system as there’s risk for potential explosion. The gas was accumulated by repeat start without switching on or gas valve examination. The machine shall be started after the gas was discharged.


2.4 Machine

This electric generating set is equipped with protection cover for protecting the flexible components. However, during the start, staff near the machine shall be careful about the possible danger to individuals caused by various flexible components.

genset installation


If the fan protection cover or other security protection cover was open, it is forbidden to start the machine. It is not allowed to stretch hands to the place under these protection cover or surroundings for maintenance when the machine is running.

Palms, arms, long hair, loose clothes, jewelries, etc. shall be far away from the belt pulley, belt and other rotating components.

Note: Some rotating components are vague after the machine started.

If there’s a door for maintenance on the generating set, try to close it when unnecessary.

Be careful to avoid touch hot oil, cooling liquid, exhaust gases, set surface, sharp surface or sharp angle.

It is required to put on working clothes, gloves and hat during working near the machine.

Do not open the radiator cover before the cooling liquid cooled completely.

After the cooling liquid cooled, first screw off the cover for release of the inside pressure and then open the cover completely.

Ether ignition is not applicable for devices with gas preheating. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to apply these assisting starting materials to all engines, which will decrease the efficacy and service time of the engine.


2.5 Chemicals

The fuel, engine oil, cooling liquid, lubricant, and battery electrolyte applied in this machine are all for common industrial use. However, they also can be harmful to health if treated improperly.


Do not swallow or touch the fuel, oil, cooling liquid, lubricant, and battery electrolyte with skin. If swallowed the above materials, it shall go to doctor for treatment immediately. If touched them with skin, it shall clean the skin with soap and clean water immediately.

Do not put on clothes stained with fuel or lubricant.

It requires putting on acid proofing apron, masks and eyes protectors when in processing battery. Once stained with battery electrolyte, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


2.6 Noise


This electric generating set will produce 105dBA noise without the peripheral equipment for noise reduction. Exposure to the noise level of 85dBA continuously is harmful to hearing.

Staff operating the set or working near the set shall put on devices for ear protection.

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We supply multiple brands of generator set, such as: Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, Ricardo, Perkins, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai etc. The style of genset is varied, such as: container genset, trailer genset, portable trailer genset, soundproof genset, low noise genset, and silent genset, etc. Besides, we also supply design and construction of the noise reduction project up to the customer's requirements.

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