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Security Information of Electric Generating Set

Jan. 24, 2018

Electric generating set is of multi-purpose, appropriate for application on industrial mining, hospital, oil field, telecommunications, etc., which is designed to operate by simply inputting engine oil, cooling liquid, fuel and battery electrolyte after installation.

Electric Generating Set


Many years experience on diesel engine generator design and production enable this machine to supply with improved efficacy and stable high quality power


This manual of technical operation and maintenance provides users with methods for maintenance and operation. Applied with the reference to diesel manual and alternator manual, this manual could ensure this  electric generator a long-term high effective operation. It must  be attention that frequent maintenance is required under dirty or dusty environment in order to ensure regular operation.


Ensure to have the special trained professionals to implement adjustment and maintenance for this generator.


Each electric generator casing has a piece of name board on which displays the type and  number of the generating set. These numbers were required when order replacement parts or after service.




2.1 General description


The generator is extremely secure under the  normal operation. For the  purpose of preventing  errors during the installation, application and maintenance, the following issues require great attentions in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents. However, the listed notes in this manual don not cover every situation since it is impossible to predict all application environments, oping users pay attention to the security during operation. The electric generating set shall be operated by the authorized or trained professionals who shall understand the safety precaution measure and operational procedure.


Before application and maintenance of the electric generating set, be sure to read and understand the safety precaution measure provided by the manual. It will increase the  accident occurrence if did not follow the instructions on safety precaution measure listed in the manual.

It is allowed to start the machine under the premise of security.

Be sure not to start the machine when know the environment is unsafe.

If the machine is recognized unsafe, please mark it “Dangerous” and disconnect the negative connection(-) of the battery for the purpose of failure to start the machine. Connect the negative connection of the battery after the errors were solved.

When clean or maintaining the internal part of the device, please remove the negative connection of the battery.

Installation and operation must be strictly in consistent with national and local standard, specification and other requirement.


2.2 Installation, movement and transportation

Chapter IV of the manual will provide a detail specification on the installation, movement and transportation of the machine. Please read the relevant chapters before the above mentioned actions and pay attention to the following safety precaution measures.

generator set installation

Connection of wires must be in consistent with relevant standard, specification and other requirement, including grounding requirement and leakage fault protection.

Installation of split fuel tank and fuel system must comply with the relevant specification, standard and other requirement.

The waste gas discharged by diesel is harmful to health. All electric generators installed indoors must be equipped with standard sealed tube to discharge the waste gas to outdoors. Ensure that all of the exhaust pipe or silencer and others are far from flammable materials and ensure that no discharged smog should be of environmental pollution.


It is forbidden to lift the electric generating set by the rings of engine or alternator. It is required to lift the electric generating set by its individual lifting eyes.

Ensure about the sound installation of hoist and holder, correct connection and capability to bear the hanging weight.

When the electric generating set is lifted up, all the staff on ground must stand far away.

The application of pulling and flowing electric generating set shall comply with all of specifications, standards and traffic regulations, including the maximum and minimum speed limits for pulling, and check whether the brake is in good condition.

Ensure all staff left the electric generating set (cover type) before close the door.

!It is not allowed to ride or walk and stand on the pulling electric generator during the transportation.

!It  is forbidden  to  install  and apply  this  electric  generator in  any  dangerous positions unless it receives special design.

We supply multiple brands of generator set, such as: Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, Ricardo, Perkins, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai etc. 


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