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Deutz Crank Shaft and Connecting Rod Mechanism

Feb. 07, 2018

Below is basic information and related diagram of Deutz 226B series generating diesel engine. Please read it carefully. It will be useful when operate and maintain this diesel engine.

3.3 Crank shaft and connecting rod mechanism

Crank shaft and connecting rod mechanism consists of crankshaft, flywheel, piston, connecting rod, vibration damper, two - stage balancing mechanism (for 4 - cylinder engine only) etc.



Crankshaft is forged part, the balancing block is fitted on the crank arm and it is dynamic tested. Timing gear is fitted on the front end of crankshaft, tight fit is adopted. In mounting, timing gear is heated t0 2500C and it is aimed at the crankshaft dowel pin. Hub is fitted on the front of gear, and it is tightened through M16 - 10.9 bolts, the force is 240 +10Nm or M16 - 12.9 bolts are adopted and the force is 300 +10Nm. Crankshaft front oil seal is mounted between gear case and hub, in mounting, lubricating grease is coated on the positioning face. Another method of connecting timing; gear case and crankshaft is pressed by hub directly.


Vibration damper: Vibration damper and pulley are fitted on the hub which is on the front end of the crankshaft, they are tightened through Ml0 * 8. 8 bolts, the force is 45 +5Nm. While Ml0 - 10.9 bolts are adopted, the force is 65 +5Nm. For 6 - cylinder engine, silicon oil damper is adopted, the diameter is 310mm ( for engine speed 1500r/min - 1800r/min).4-cylinder turbocharged engine adopts rubber damper cast into integral with hub.



Flywheel is fitted on the rear end of crankshaft, it is tightened by 6 M16 - 10.9 bolts. Pretightened by 70Nm and turned for 900. Different types of flywheel can be adopted according to different matching application and connecting method. OT top dead c,enter mark and scale is marked on the flywheel circumference( Fig6) , and the inspection window is left on the flywheel side surface.



Two - stage balancing mechanism:

In order to balance the two - order reciprocating inertia force of piston and connecting rod sub-assembly of 4-cylinder engine and decrease the vibration, two - stage balancing mechanism is adopted. Drive gear ring (1) of transmitting two - stage balancing mechanism is mounted on the crank arm, it should be heated t0 2500C in mounting. "0 -0" mark on gear should be marked on the specified position ( fig 7 ) . The mark " 1" on the balancing shaft gear (2) of two - stage balancing transmitting mechanism should be matched with the mark "1 - 1" on gear ( 3 ). Two - stage balancing mechanism is mounted on the main bearing cap, in mounting, the mark "0 -0" on gear ring should be matched with the mark on gear (2) of the balancing shaft. The gear side clearance is 0. 2mm and can be adjusted by gasket ( fig 8). 011 circuit should be unobstructed in mounting so as to ensure the lubrication of two - stage balancing mechanism bearing.


Piston group:

It consists of piston, piston ring , piston pin and lock ring.

piston group.jpg


For turbocharged and non - turbocharged diesel engine, the piston, piston ring and piston pin are different from each other.


Combustion chamber and piston pin hole are off the piston center, mount the piston according to the right direction.

There are three piston rings on the piston. The first ring is of a ladder ring, and the second ring is of cone ring. The face with "TOP" ( or factory mark) must be upwards ( towards to the piston top) when mounting (Fig. 10). The third ring is of a oil ring with a spiral spring. When mounting, the splits of three rings must be staggered by a angle of 1200from each other, and the angle from the split of first ring to the edge of pin hole must not less than 300. When mounting, coat some clean oil on the surface of piston and cylinder liner. 


Connecting rod: made through mould forging, composed of connecting rod body, connecting rod cover, small end bushing and connecting rod blot. The big end is 45'sectioned and the mating face is located with 60° once more. There are two connecting rod bolts ( M14 x 1. 5 - 12. 9). When mounting, tighten them with torque of 30Nm, and then turn 60° once more.


Caution: The connecting rod bolt can be used only once, or the potential fracture of the bolt may cause the damage of the machine and personnel casualty.

The connecting rod body is machined with the cover, and they are not interchangeable. There are mating marks on the body and cover.

Connecting rod bearing shell: this bearing shell is made of lead - copper with steel back. The alloy surface is plated with three - part alloy.

The connecting rod bearing shell is located with a elastic cylindricalpin pin.

connecting rod


Main bearing shell: this bearing shell is made of lead - copper with steel back. The alloy surface is plated with ternary alloy. There are oil grooves on the upper half of bearing shell. The main bearing shell is located with spring pin.


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Deutz 226B Series Diesel Engine Basic Information

Deutz 226B Series Generating Diesel Engine

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