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Deutz 226B Series Generating Diesel Engine

Feb. 05, 2018

Weichai diesle engine is the main part of Weichai Diesel Genenrator. Learning the information about its diesel engine can help us understand this series genset better.

Part I. Explanation For Starting Data Of Engine Guarantee


1.After the product equipped with Weichai diesel engine sold. the sales contract information should be input to Weichai CRM system by the dealer ( or agent)in time according to the requirements of Weichai, the date of sale is the date of regulating finished for the diesel engine the guarantee service of the engine is needed, the starting date of guarantee should be according to the sales time stated in sales contract.

Weichai Deutz 226B Series Generating Diesel Engine

2.If failure to input to sales contract, The purchase invoice should be provided by user and the starting date of guarantee is the date stated in invoices.

3.If failure to input to sales contract and the purchase invoice can not be provided by user, the starting date of guarantee should be as follows:For the marine ( generating) engine set or single engine, the guarantee starts from 1 month after they have been delivered from Weichai.

4.So as the loss which been caused by the dealer (or agent)who failed to input the sale contract in time according to the requirements of Weichai, the dealer ( or agent) should bear the loss of users and related responsibility.

Part II. Operation and Maintenance Manual of 226B Series Generating Diesel Engine


Special Attention


*In order to protect your legal interest, it is forbidden to dismantle the fuel pump lead seal optionally.

*If the injection pump were adjusted or lead seal were removed, the quality guarantee of the

company would become invalid immediately.

*We would not provide free service for the dismanded injection pump.

*Turbocharger rotor shaft is of precise part, forbid disassembling and colliding, Otherwise the

quality guarantees of the company will be of invalid.

*There are strict torques and turn angles for the main bearing bolts and connecting rod bolts,

Users don not loose and dismantle them, otherwise the quality guarantees of the company will

be of invalid.

*Before starting the engine. check coolant and oil whether they are filled up or not.

*Connecting rod bolt cant he reused.

*Meaning of identification :

*Exhaust gas contains noxious composition, therefore it must be discharged outdoors.

*Read this specifications carefully before operating the engine set.





1.The engine has been tested,d strictly in accordance with the test stipulations in delivery. The throttle has been sealed, it is forbidden to dismantle the seal optionally and to enlarge the throttle. Otherwise we would not provide free service for returning product, replacement and repair, users would better pay attention to this.


2.The engine operator must read this Operation and Maintenance Manual carefully to know the Engine’s structure, and abide by the operation and routine rules in this manual.

3. During use new engine, a 50 hours running must he carried through, during which period no overload operation is allowed.

4. After start cold engine, the speed should be increased slowly. It is forbidden to run the engine in high speed suddenly and in idling for a long time. After removed the load, don’t stop the engine immediately and run the engine in idling for 5 - 10 minutes.


5. After stop the engine, if the ambient temperature is lower than 03: and no antifreeze is used in the coolant, the coolant in water tank and diesel engine should be drained off.

6.it is forbidden that the engine works without air filter and unfiltered air enters into the cylinder.


7.Applied fuel and lubricating oil must he accord with specified trademark and be filtered by strainer, and the special clean container is used. The fuel should be settled more than 72 hours.

8.Assembly and maintenance of the engine must be done by specialized personnel.

9.The oil seal period of the engine is one year. Inspect the engine and adopt necessary measures if beyond a year.

10. Rated power and power correction are in accordance with IS03046 -1.

11. Its forbidden to smoke when filling fuel and /or oil.


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