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Yuchai 4D24/4D24T Power Generation Engine Operation

Dec. 19, 2019

4. 1 Yuchai 4D24/4D24T Engine Operation

4.1.1 Before starting

a) Check the oil level in the oil sump. The level should be within the upper and lower scale limits of the oil dipstick. If the oil volume is not enough, fill some oil as required after checking the accordance of oil grade with temperature.

b) Check the coolant level, add some coolant if necessary, and the accordance of coolant type with temperature should be checked before filling.

c) Check and exhaust the air in the fuel pipeline, and drain the water from the fuel filter.

d) Check the fuel tank. If the fuel is insufficient, refuel it after checking the accordance of fuel grade with temperature.

e) Check the electrical system (including connecting wires, switches, electrolyte, fill enough electrolyte if it's insufficient.)

f) Check the tension of the driving belt, the tension should be moderate as required.

4.1.2 Start

Warning: Do not start the engine in the environment where maybe flammable gases, that could be drawn into the engine through the intake system, resulting in engine acceleration and over-speed, which could cause fire, explosion and property damage. Engine manufacturer can't know how the user operates the engine. Engine user and operator are fully responsible for operating the engine safely under harsh environments.

Attention: The engine cannot be started unless the preparations have been completed and confirmed to comply with requirements. (The engine could be started after warmed in cold winter). The continuous starting time can't be over 10 seconds, the next starting time interval is should not be less than l minute, if it can't be started after three times trial in succession, user should check the reasons and restart it after the malfunction is removed.

Attention: Check the oil pressure: it should not be lower than 0.1MPa at idle speed. If the low oil pressure indicator still flash within 15 seconds or the oil gauge displays no oil pressure, please shut down the engine immediately to prevent engine from damage.

Yuchai power generator

Check whether the water pump operates properly and whether the coolant runs into water jacket of the diesel engine. Check the leakage of oil, fuel and water, and shoot the trouble if there is leakage. Check if there is abnormal noise. Check and confirm all meters work well. Please stop the engine immediately and check the reason if there is abnormal status, and send the engine to service center if necessary.

Cold start: Under the cold environment, it's the same as conventional starting operations. If there is preheating during start, please start the engine after the preheating indicator is turned off or flashing.

Starting steps after long time no running or oil replacement

To start the engine as per the normal steps stated in this chapter. The engine could not be started if the ECU detects that the oil pressure does not meet the minimum pressure of motor starting value. It will take a longer time to start the engine if it is no running for a long time or with replacement of oil.

4.1.3 Running

When the diesel engine is started, it should keep running at low and medium revolution speed in sequence with no load, the engine could not run at high speed with full load unless the coolant temperature is higher than 60°C and oil temperature higher than 45°C. Pay attention to the following instructions:

Attention: Do not idle for long time, or else it may reduce engine performance. The oil pressure should be not less than 0.1MPa.

Observe the meters reading frequently during engine operation, ensure the oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature to be in normal range.

If there is alarm from meter, or engine abnormal sound or abnormal vibration, please stop the engine and check it as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the sealing of every water passage and the fuel pipe. If there is leakage, remedy it immediately.

Attention: The new engine or overhauled engine is not allowed running at high-speed or with heavy load. In order to ensure a good break-in, the load should not exceed 65% within the first 40 hours.

4.1.4 Stopping the diesel engine

Do not stop the engine sharply unless there is an emergency. Keeps the engine running at low revolution speed for 3 to 5 minutes before stopping it in order to make the engine cool down and keep idling for 2 to 3 minutes in order that the oil could be carried to each part of the engine, then stop the diesel engine.

When the ambient temperature is below 5°C and the coolant is not sure to be anti-freezing, discharge all of the coolant liquid after stopping the engine to avoid engine damage by frost crack.

When the temperature is below -30°C, the battery should be disassembled and moved to warm space, otherwise it would be hard to start the engine.

4.1.5 Routine Operating Notes:

Comparing to the traditional mechanic fuel system, electric control fuel pump requires higher fuel cleanliness.

Please fill cleaning fuel with regular stations.

Do not make the filled fuel contaminated.

When the fuel pipeline needs to be removed, the tools and hands must be cleaning to avoid the pipeline to be contaminated.

The malfunction indicator is on the control panel, if there is no malfunction, the indicator shall flash once then be turned off while the engine is electrified. If there is malfunction, the indicator will be turned on automatically and the malfunction reminder will be displayed, please turn off the ignition switch, and check the engine fuel pipeline, air system and electric circuit carefully to find whether there is obvious fuel leakage, air leakage or connectors fallen off.

In principle, when the malfunction indicator is turned on, the user check and find there is obvious fuel pipeline, air system or electric circuit malfunction, the user may solve it by himself.

4.1.6 Refilling method after the fuel consumed up.

If there is air in the fuel pipeline when the fuel is consumed up or the fuel filter/fuel pipeline needs to be replaced, it must evacuate all air from the fuel pipeline as follows:

1) Release the air discharging screw on the top of fuel filter, deaerate the air with hand priming pump till the fuel filter is full of fuel, and tighten the air discharging screw after there is no any air bubble arising from the fuel.

2) Release the fuel return pipe from fuel pump, deaerate the air with hand priming pump till the fuel pump is full of fuel, and tighten the air discharging screw after there is no any air bubble arising from the fuel.

3) Release the connectors between fuel pipe and fuel injector for each cylinder, deaerate the air from fuel pipes by hand priming pump, and tighten the connectors till the fuel comes out from the pipes.

4) Wipe off all fuel on the surface of engine or surroundings after deaerating all air.

5) Avoid the fuel spilled on the exhaust pipe, starter, wiring harness (especially connectors) during deaerating, please wipe off the fuel that's spilled on the parts if any.

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