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Yuchai 4D24/4D24T Engine Fuel, Oil, Antifreeze and Battery Recommended

Dec. 27, 2019

3. Fuel, oil, antifreeze and auxiliary battery

3.1 Fuel

Fuel quality and composition is very important. Poor quality fuel reduces engine performance and durability. In order to make the diesel engine has higher reliability and lower fuel consumption, we recommend using the diesel complied with relating national standard or international standard.

For more details of the fuel standards, please refer to the technical specifications of the respective country.

Users must select suitable diesel at different ambient temperature as follows:

Table 3-1

Diesel Grade

Ambient Temperature


Above 4°C


Above -5°C


Above -14°C


Above -29°C


Above -44°C

Warning! Do not mix gasoline, alcohol or alcohol-gasoline mixture in diesel, otherwise it will cause explosion.

Attention: Because the tolerance of diesel injection system is extremely precise , it’s very important to keep the fuel clean and no dirt or water. If there is water or dirt in the fuel system, it may severely damage the fuel pump and injectors.

3.2 Oil

The precision of Yuchai 4D24 series engine parts is very high, hence the oil selection requirements is strict. Above CF-4 level engine oil must be used, engine oil CF4 15-40 (quality grade of CF-4, viscosity grade of 15W-40) is recommended.

The oil with suitable grade should be selected according to the local season and temperature, and must pay attention to two indicators, namely the oil quality level (Performance Level) and viscosity grade as below:

Table 3-2







Available emission level

Chinese Non-road Stage III, EU stage IIIA

Chinese Non-road Stage IV, EU stage IIIA

Table 3-3


Mineral oil type

Synthetic oil type

Viscosity grade















Available ambient temperature









Oil pressure of this engine is (0.3 ~ 0.6) MPa at rated speed, and not less than 0.1MPa at idle speed.

RAYWIN engine requires multi-grade viscosity oil, because the suitable temperature operating range of multi-grade viscosity oil is wide, which can meet the requirement of the engine works properly with temperature varied by a wide margin in the morning and evening, or works across different temperature regions, or works during long time season. Furthermore, the consumption of single-grade viscosity oil is about 30 percent higher than the multi grade viscosity oil.

Oil grade represents the level of engine oil additives, for heavy duty engine, the oil additives is the main protective matters. The additives will be consumed over time gradually, that's why the adequate grade oil should be chosen for ensuring the engine to be well protected throughout the oil change interval.

Please fill the oil according to the circumstances after replacing the oil filter. After filling the oil,m run the engine for 2 minutes then make it be still for 15 minutes, check the oil sump level, the oil should be in the place between 1/2 of lower/upper limit and upper limit.

RAYWIN recommended oil for 4D24 & 4D24T is listed below:

Table 3 – 4




Available  emission level

Hanhu oil

CF-4/SL 10W-30

CF-4/SL 15W-40

CF-4/SL 20W-50




EU stage IIIA or Chinese non-road stage III

The user can use higher grade oil instead of low grade oil, oil and fuel ratio should be complied with relating national or international standard.

Other rule:

1) When the total alkalinity (TBN) of the engine oil drops t0 1.0, it must be replaced. TBN  (mgKOH/g) tested standard: as per JIS K-2501-5.2-2 (HCI), or ASTMD4739(HCI)

2) Standard engine oil replacement interval is 250 hours or 12 months.

3) Do not add any additives in the engine oil.

4) Do not blend different types, and/or brands oil.

3.3 Antifreeze

Attention: When the engine stops working and no insulation measures is took below 0°C, the water in the cooling system will freeze, and the volume expands which causes block, radiator, cylinder head, water pump and other cooling system components cracked, therefore, antifreeze must be filled into the cooling system.

For a longer lifetime, we suggest to use RAYWIN recommended antifreeze.

Attention: Fresh water is not suitable for the engine coolant, because the thermal conductivity of fresh water is very poor, which can lead to inadequate cooling and make engine internal component damaged.

Water preparation required for engine coolant

When available, please buy the antifreeze specified by RAYWIN POWERTRAIN TECH NOLOGY CO., LTD. If the appropriate antifreeze can not be got, ethylene glycol and soft water are allowed to be blended, and the relationship of the boiling point and pour point of this antifreeze is listed below:

Boiling point and pour point

Glycol and soft water volume ratio

Boiling point

Pour point













Pressurized cooling system can increase its boiling point, radiator pressure cap can help keep the system pressure, in order to ensure good water quality, we recommend using our specified or international famous brands and grades of antifreeze.

3.3.1 RAYWIN antifreeze brand and model information

Yuchai 4D24/4D24T engine antifreeze brand and model

Usually, choose the freezing point as 10°C lower than the lowest temperature of the equipment running area. For example, suppose the minimum temperature in some area is -15°C, then select antifreeze with type of -25.

3.3.2 Note for using antifreeze

a) Please clean the engine cooling system with water before antifreeze is filled, it's better to clean it with demineralized or deionized water.

b) Pay attention to checking the antifreeze level and the tightness of cooling system. Do not fill up antifreeze fully if the machinery has no overflow tank, but 95% volume or so; If there is an overflow tank on the machinery, fill antifreeze to the specified scale firstly, then run the engine for a few minutes, and continue to fill antifreeze to the required scale;

c) The antifreeze from different manufacturers or with different types cannot be mixed, or else the antifreeze performance would be reduced, even it causes engine damage.

d) If the level is below required scale, please fill to a required scale. The filled antifreeze must be same type from same manufacturers as the existing antifreeze in the engine.

e) The glycol is toxic, please clean it with water immediately if the glycol is contacted with skin; Glycol will burn in case of fire, so do not weld or make fire near the engine with antifreeze leakage; The boiling point of glycol is 197.4°C, so it's easy to evaporate for the water in antifreeze, please make up water after the antifreeze works for some time.

3.3.3 Replace antifreeze regularly.

a) Light duty antifreeze/inorganic antifreeze replacement cycle is 24 months.

b) Heavy duty antifreeze]organic antifreeze, replacement cycle is 36 months.

c) The technical requirements of light duty antifreeze linorganic antifreeze or heavy duty antifreeze/organic antifreeze should meet the petrochemical industry standards or RAYWIN Q/YC 908 "engine coolant technical conditions" requirement.

3.4 Battery selection

With the machinery electricity consumption is increasing in plateau or alpine regions in the winter (-15°C or less), to ensure and improve engine cold starting performance, the machinery should be equipped with same capacity low temperature batteries.

Table 3-6  Battery Selection Table

Common region

Plateau or alpine region

Battery capacity (Ah)

Cold starting current (A)

Battery capacity (Ah)

Cold starting current (A)

≥120 (165)


≥180 (195)



It’s better to select the battery type in the brackets for the engine that runs in plateau region.

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