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SC27G Diesel Engine Operation And Engine Start

Dec. 20, 2017

Proper operation and engine start are very important for managing a diesel engine on generator sets. For Shangchai SC27G series engine. It is crucial to correctly operate and start the engines. In the previous posts, we have learned the details about engine nameplate, specifications, installation and connection. After the preliminary work is done, we are going to start operating the engine physically. This part main includes fuel, lubricating oil, coolant, power matching, and engine start cautions.

Shangchai Generator

4 Engine Operation

Proper use of your engine can not only keep it in normal working order and good performance, but also can extent its service life and reduce its operational cost. Adopt proper fuel, oil and coolant, as well as the correct operation steps stipulated in this section.


4.1 Fuel

The specifications of the fuel used for the engine should be in accordance with the standards GB252-2011 General

Diesel Fuels. Proper fuel designation should be chosen for the engine according to ambient temperature. In cold winter, fuel with low-freezing-point should be adopted, while contrary in summer. You may choose the right fuel according to the standards GB252-2011 0r refer to the table below, e.g. fuel with the designation of -35# should be used at the ambient temperature of -27'C.


Relationship between diesel fuel designations and applicable minimum temperatures




Fuel designation











Cetane value











Solid point/℃











Minimum applicable temperature

(engine working temperature)/℃



Above 4℃


Above -5℃


Above -14℃


Above -29℃


Caution: Fuel must be kept at the highest level of cleanness and not polluted by dust, impurities or water.


4.2 Lubricating oil

 Lubricating oil of grade CF-4 and above is required for the engine in order to ensure its normal operation and long

service life and to improve its emissions. Lubricating oil of CF-4 15W40 is required for common environment

 temperature, and lubricating oil of CF-4 5W-30 may be used for environment temperature lower than -5'C to favor cold

 starting, but continuous use of the low viscosity lube oil will increase the wear of engine. The specifications of the oil

used for the engine should meet the requirements of the national standards GB 11122-2006.


Specifications of lubricating oil (GB11122-2006)















Flash point (open)/℃














9.3 --<12.5























Caution: Lubricating oil must be kept clean and free from dust, impurities or water.

Caution: Do not use the mixture of oil of different specifications.


Part numbers of SDEC-designated special lubricating oil of grade CF-4 15W-40 are as follows:











4.3 Coolant

In order to ensure the normal operation and long service life of the engines, use SDEC- designated special organic

coolant (anti-freezing type) under any kind of climate. The coolant proves antifreeze, anticorrosion, good thermal conductivity, performance stability, and environmental friendliness.






Part. No.



Freezing point/℃


Boiling point/℃


SDEC-designated special organic coolant







4.4 Power Matching

When choosing a diesel engine, users should not only consider the power required by equipment to be driven, but also engine operation type, such as intermittent use or continuous use. Meanwhile, operational economy is an important item to be considered that is, the characteristics of equipment load and engine power output must be reasonably matched. Correct power rating and reasonable match between engine power output and equipment load are essential to guarantee a reliable, long-life and economic operation of an engine. Otherwise, it would lead to overloaded operation and unnecessary failure of an engine. Or load is too smal! and the capacity of an engine cannot be fully used, which is not an economic way to use an engine and also easy to lead to oil carry-aver.


4.5 Engine Start

Before using the engine, choose proper lubricating oil, fuel and coolant according to ambient conditions. Besides. The following work should be done before starting:

* Make a surround inspection of the engine and its starting system, and solve problems in time if any.

* Check oil pressure and temperature gauges, coolant temperature gauge, warning lamps and other instruments for normality.

* Check the service indicator of the air filter for appearance in red.

* Caution: Do not to start the engine without an air filter to avoid early engine wear.

*.Check the oil level for being within the specified range. Add proper amount of clean oil into the turbocharger oil inlet port when the engine is first put into use or overhauled.

* Check the coolant level for being within the specified range.

* Check the electrolyte level for being within the specified range.

* When the engine is first put into use or overhauled, or out of service for some days, or its fuel filter has just been replaced, there can be air in the fuel system. Prime the fuel system with the priming pump. Refer to section 5.3 for specific priming operation.

* Check the electric starting wires for normality.

* Check the starting motor for right wire connection, and battery for sufficient electricity.

* All the safety devices must be installed in place.

* Check the accelerator lever for free movement.

* When the engine is new or is not in use far over 5 days, rotate the crankshaft 3 to 5 circles before starting.



For the information about Shangchai G series diesel engine operation and maintenance, please visit:

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