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SC27G Diesel Engine installation and Connection

Dec. 19, 2017

In the article Shangchai G Series Engine Nameplate And Specifications, we have learn the information about details of Shangchai SC27G diesel engine nameplate, parameters and specification. In this part, we will continue learning the diesel engine installation and connection. The main parts include engine installation, engine connection, coolant pipe extended, fuel line extended and engine power output.

3 Engine Installation and Connection

3.1 Engine Installation

There are four engine installation supports on the both sides of the gear housing and flywheel housing.


There are lifting rings and plates on the engine, strong enough to bear the engine weight. Chain pulley or other facilities can be used when lifting the engine. However, attention should be paid to avoid thin parts or instrument parts of the engine being pressed by stressed chains, causing damage to them. Keep the lifting rings and plates from bearing bent moment and keep smooth handling when lifting to remain the engine in horizontal position. The engine should be placed on a special base or stable block to prevent the oil sump from directly bearing the engine weight.

3.2 Engine Connection

3.2.1 Intake pipe extended

Caution: The cross section of an air inlet pipe taken as extended part must be large enough. To avoid big air inlet resistance, a pipe with inner diameter of 100 mm and without sharp angles or over length is recommended for the pipes before and after the intercooler. Air intake pipes must be well sealed or else early engine wear will happen.

3.2.2 Coolant pipe extended           .

The G series V type diesel engine has a close loop cooling system, so there is no need to have water pool or water tank. The recommended inner diameter of water pump inlet is 61 mm and that of thermostat outlet pipe 54 mm.

3.2.3 Fuel line extended

The fuel inlet from and the fuel rectum to the fuel tank are showed in the figure below.

SC27G Diesel Engine installation and Connection

The capacity of the fuel tank should be large enough to hold the fuel that can be used for more than 8 hours. The fuel tank should be such positioned that the lowest fuel level of fuel supply is l meter higher than the center of the fuel transfer pump. The inlet port of the fuel suction pipe should be more than 50 mm above the bottom of fuel tank. It is better to add a strainer at the inlet port to avoid sucking in sediments that can block of the pipeline, and to have a drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank for an easy cleaning. The fuel tank should be away from the heat source (such as exhaust manifold or exhaust pipes) and electrical equipment.


3.2.4 Engine power output

Engine power output for driving the equipment is taken from flywheel. When using coupling to connect the equipment, the center-line of the equipment should be in alignment with the centerline of the crankshaft. If using an elastic coupling, the misalignment shall not be greater than Φ0.30mm. If using a rigid coupling, the misalignment shall not be greater than Φ0.10mm.

Caution: The engine should not be started with load. So there should be a kind of clutch device between the engine and driven equipment.

A certain power can be taken from the front crankshaft of the engine. But the output power for transverse driving with a belt directly on the front crankshaft pulley should not exceed 11 kW.


It is forbidden to directly install a pulley on the flywheel to drive equipment transversely by belt because such operation can easily damage the crankshaft and main bearings. If it is required to have a transverse driving, use an engine or an additional device that is suitable for transverse driving. Do not let the crankshaft and main bearings sustain transverse forces directly.



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