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Advantages of 1100GFRQ Gas Generator Set

Oct. 18, 2019

Computer monitoring system to realize close and remote monitoring

The system is humanized and can realize the function of near and remote control. The technology has been successfully applied to remote control of Shanxi Telecom Bureau and Hunan Zhuzhou Telecommunication Bureau. The technology can be transplanted to 1100GFRQ gas generator set and can realize the functions of collecting, controlling and outputting the operating parameters of the generator set, and can also realize the instant control function of ignition system and intake system. The system is equipped with remote communication interface (RS485 interface 4-20mA analog signal Modbus communication protocol; for PLC remote monitoring), which can realize remote monitoring.

Low emission, low pollution, world advanced level



Performance comparison table of parameters with other products


 performance parameter

1100GFRQ gas generator set

Other domestic coal-bed methane (CBM) units

control system

Adopting the EGS-02 control system of the most advanced WOODWARD company in the world, closed loop control can be realized.

Using domestic control system, closed-loop control can not be realized effectively.

starting ability

Easy to start, by one operator in 3 minutes to complete all the starting process of the generator set. The starting process is safe without firing.

Starting difficult, must be three operators in about 30 minutes to complete the start. During the starting process, the exhaust pipe often appears the unsafe phenomenon such as shooting.

combined to the grid

Automatic grid, easy to operate, easy to master.

Manual grid-connected, complex operation, difficult to master.

power performance

The rated power of the genset is 550% 1100kW. When the coal bed methane (gas) supply is stable and sufficient, it can generate electricity at the full load of 550% 1100kW, and the normal output power is more than 500 / 1050kW.

Can not achieve 500kW full load generation, the normal output power at 400kW 420kW. At present domestic 1000 kW above coal bed methane (gas) generator set has not put on the market officially.

Economic performance

1m3 pure coal bed methane (gas) can generate about 3. 6 °electricity at most, and no less than 3. 4 °electricity under continuous operation. Heat consumption ≤ 10000 KJ / KW / h

1m3 pure coal bed methane (gas) can generate about 3 degrees of electricity at most, and less than 3 degrees of electricity in continuous operation.

ignition system

Adopt the IC- 920 high energy intelligent ignition system of American WOODWARD company.

Generally choose the traditional magnetic motor produced by Altronic Company of the United States.

Motor matching

The selection of 1F C 2451-4 generator (H stage) can meet the full load operation of 550kW genset. The selection of 1F C 2561-4 generator (H stage) can meet the full load operation of 1100kW genset.

Spare parts


Adopt the world's most advanced machining center to process parts, ensure that each machine is a high quality product, the overhaul period can be up to 24000 hours.



Society and economic benefits


Using gas to generate electricity has the effect of killing more than one stone and having a safety effect; reducing greenhouse gases effectively and producing a good environmental protection effect; turning the waste gas emitted in the past into clean electricity, so as to alleviate the regional power shortage. Improve the production efficiency of enterprises and improve the energy structure of our country to a certain extent.


Using gas to generate electricity has the following advantages: safety, and energy saving.


For example, coal bed methane (methane) generator set is used to generate 1 m3 coal seam methane (methane) (equivalent to 100% CH4) to generate about 3.6 kW / h.


Unit investment ratio (in-station investment)


The operation cost is about 0.07 ~ 0.10 yuan /kW h; the coal seam gas (gas) mine with an annual pumping capacity of about 2 million 500 thousand M3 can meet the installed capacity of 1100 kW (2 550GFRQ or 1 1100GFRQ generator set), and the investment of the power station is about 4 million yuan, and the annual power generation amount is about 715~756 million kW h. power generating direct income of 214.5 to 2 million 268 thousand yuan (electricity price according to 0.3 yuan / kW. H. Calculation) and use of heat surplus (550 kW genset can replace 0.5 tons of flue gas boiler heat boiler to heat about 5500m2; 1100kW generator set can replace 1 tons of flue waste heat boiler heating about 11000 m2). If the application for CDM project, the benefit is more considerable.



Genset reliability commitment


The 1100GFRQ gas generating set is sufficient in gas transmission to the genset inlet, the gas source pressure is above 3kPa, and the coal bed gas (gas) concentration is above 30%. Then the generator set can guarantee the long-term operation under the rated load, and the annual operation time is not less than 7200 hours. The genset overhaul period is 24000 hours.


Pre-sale service: send technical personnel to the site to provide suggestions for design and construction of the power station.


Sale service: direct the installation and commissioning of power generation equipment; instruct the installation of auxiliary system of power station; conduct technical training (operation, maintenance) for user operation and maintenance personnel, etc.


After-sale service: within 4 hours after receiving the service information to give an effective reply; service personnel within 48 hours to the genset site for fault handling.


Technical support: technical personnel provide technical support on site and guide the management and operation of the generator est on site. 

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