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Advantages of EGS-02 Gas Electronic Control

Oct. 18, 2019

-The generator set has good starting performance


Because the EGS-02 control system realizes the closed-loop control of the running process, it ensures that the control system can be quickly controlled to a suitable air-fuel ratio state through the adjustment of the system, and the system can start quickly. Through one operator can realize the start of the unit, and do not need to adjust repeatedly, a success.


The WOODWARD automatic controller system of 1100GFRQ gas generator can also realize the function of self-starting. The process is as follows: starting according to torsion-presupply oil-unit starting-idling running-rated rotational speed running-automatic grid-connected automatic load-stable operation.


-Realize lean combustion, prevent intake pipe from tempering, improve efficiency and reduce heat load


WOODWARD combustion control system collects signals of methane concentration and oxygen content in exhaust gas by methane sensor and oxygen sensor respectively, adjusts air-fuel ratio with high accuracy, ensures high air gas ratio and lean combustion in the best working condition of the unit.


As a result of lean combustion, the generation efficiency of 1100GFRQ gas generating unit can be as high as 36% (unit heat consumption ≤ 10000 KJ / kW h), per cubic pure gas (the calorific value of pure gas CH4 is 35.9MJ / m3), then the power generation is not less than 3.6kW.


-strong anti - interference ability


EGS-02 combustion control system ensures that the control system will not fail due to external disturbance during operation. The intelligent IC-920 ignition control system of WOODWARD company is adopted to ensure the humanization of ignition control.


-All imported components are used


16V 165RQ gas engine ignition system includes digital ignition unit, high voltage coil, high voltage line, spark plug, etc. Such as high-voltage coils, high-voltage lines are German MOTORTECH products.


Advantages of EGS-02 Gas Electronic Control Technology of WOODWARD Company



The ignition energy can be adjusted according to the composition of the gas in order to achieve the best igniting state. The highest level of ignition energy can be up to 50,000 volts, so that the realization of rarefied combustion becomes a reality.


The ignition system has the function of overspeed protection. The upper limit of unit running speed is set in the ignition controller. Once the engine is overspeed, the ignition controller automatically stops working and the spark plug does not ignite, thus forcing the engine to stop. Play the role of overspeed protection.


The ignition system has the function of automatic detection and alarm of its own faults. Once a spark plug in a cylinder does not ignite or a certain section of the line has some faults such as short circuit or bad contact, the system can detect and alarm in time, which is convenient for the maintenance and operation of the generator set.


Add a single-cylinder temperature monitoring system, timely find out or replace spark plug to ensure the reliable operation of generator set.



By adding the cooling water preheater of gas generating set, it can ensure the reliable start of the unit and also play a preheating protection role for each spark plug, thus prolonging the service life of the spark plug.


Schematic diagram of EGS-02 coal-bed methane (gas) electronic control system of WOODWARD company




The control system of 1100GFRQ gas generator adopts high and new technology as follows:


-Air-fuel ratio closed-loop control technology: the main control system of the engine can accurately control the gas flow through TecJet valve according to the comparison between the actual measured parameters and the expected air-fuel ratio parameters, so as to realize the closed-loop control of the air-fuel ratio. The adoption of this technology makes the engine run more smoothly, reliably, controls more quickly and accurately, adjusts the air / gas ratio quickly, and has a wide range of heat value regulation, especially to reduce the speed fluctuation and the engine emissions when the engine is suddenly loaded with load. Both safety and economy are obviously improved.


-Lean combustion technology: the engine adopts the EGS control system of the American WOODWARD company to carry on the closed-loop accurate control to the combustion air-fuel ratio of the engine, so that the engine can reach the high-altitude fuel ratio, and the lean combustion can make the engine more environmentally friendly. Higher combustion efficiency. The air-fuel ratio closed-loop control technology can keep the air-fuel ratio of the gas engine in a set range under any operating conditions, in which the mixture will not burn even when ignited without piston compression. It can effectively solve the problem of intake pipe tempering and firing, and improve the economy and safety of the engine.


-Automatic grid-connected technology: automatic grid-connected; automatic power factor setting; self-electricity load setting, power output. Can automatically control the parallel operation of multiple units to achieve automatic load distribution function.


-Automatic monitoring of unit operation state, automatic fault detection, remote computer monitoring, protection and other technologies can improve the actual operating power of the generating set and ensure the long-term rated 100% power generation output.


-Fire detection: the engine has the function of misfire detection, which makes the engine always work in the best condition, more stable and more reliable.


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