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Special Technology Used in 16V165RQ Gas Engine

Oct. 18, 2019

1. Shunt cycle cooling technology

The 16V165RQ gas engine adopts the TE cooling cycle system of 396 diesel engine, which adopts a new concept of shunt circulating cooling structure, one of which cooling circuit is moderately cooled to the pressurized air according to the changing state of power. Therefore, the cooling water discharged from the engine is divided into two cycles of "high temperature cycle" and "low temperature cycle". About 2/3 cooling water goes back to the intake side of the engine pump directly through the high temperature cycle, and the rest is introduced into the low temperature loop controlled by a temperature regulator. In the empty and low load conditions, the regulator controls the high temperature cooling water from the diesel engine to bypass the circulating cooler and directly into the supercharged air cooler through the bypass line. And in which the pressurized air is heated to prevent the engine from emitting white smoke.



The annular slide valve of the thermostat stops on the base before the thermostat is heated by the cooling water which is heated by the increase of power. Because the heat sensitive element tube is heated the slide valve starts to move and gradually closes the bypass port and correspondingly causes the cooling water to flow through the circulating cooler. As a result, the cooling water temperature into the intercooler decreases, thus providing high air flow and maximum engine power.


The flow of low temperature circulating water flows through the intercooler and the oil heat exchanger to confluence with the high temperature system flow, so that all the cooling water can reach the appropriate temperature before entering the engine.




The 165TE shunt cycle system ensures that the engine has optimal performance throughout the power range. During no-load operation, the system increases the pressurized air temperature so that the fuel is fully burned. In the medium power range and full load condition, it creates favorable conditions for the engine to output high power while maintaining the lower thermal stress of the components.



2, 3-layer water-cooled heat insulation exhaust system



The 16V165RQ gas engine retains the three-layer exhaust system of 396TE diesel engine, which deals with the function of exhaust diversion and exhaust heat insulation separately, and obtains the operational reliability which can not be achieved by direct cooling or heat insulation exhaust pipe.


The high temperature and water cooled components in the exhaust pipe are connected to the heat expansion demand. Here, the high temperature exhaust is discharged through the segmental exhaust manifold made of heat-resistant alloy plates. The design and arrangement of these components make the thermal stress at the lowest level.



Some of the advantages of the three-layer exhaust system are good exhaust sealing and low surface temperature of exhaust pipe and supercharger. The special design of the exhaust system ensures high efficiency booster and eliminates the need for wear and maintenance.



The seal of the exhaust system is located in the water-cooled exhaust manifold. A double-wall water-cooled sheath completely seals the high-temperature components of the exhaust guide to provide an airtight seal. Therefore, the outer layer of the water jacket will not reach a temperature higher than that of the starting cooling water, and it will no longer be necessary to use expensive and heavy heat insulation equipment as a protective measure against accidental contact and explosion. Like the exhaust pipe, the exhaust turbine is enclosed by a sealed jacket, thus completely eliminating the risk of exhaust passing through any part of the system into the engine room.



As a result of the indirect cooling of the exhaust pipe at high temperature, the exhaust heat is lost very little, which provides a favorable supercharging condition and improves the efficiency of the engine.


3, heat resistant and corrosion resistant piston and valve and other combustion system parts


According to the working characteristics of the gas engine, the compression ratio is 11: 1, the piston is composed of a steel top aluminum skirt, the top of the piston is a basin structure, the top of the piston is chrome plated, and the top of the piston is cooled by oil injection. Can improve the piston heat resistance, corrosion resistance. Valve and valve seat ring using special materials to improve corrosion resistance.


4. High efficiency medium cooling system


The 16V165RQ gas engine adopts high efficiency intercooler with large heat dissipation area and good cooling effect, which can effectively guarantee the inflatable coefficient of gas engine. Tin plating on the fin surface can effectively prevent the corrosion of impurities in gas.


5, Control cabinet of 1100GFRQ gas generator set


The control cabinet is designed as a floor cabinet structure, intelligent control screen, using American WOODWARD Easy3000 intelligent controller, intelligent automatic air circuit breaker for Schneider 2500A, other components are imported, such as: OMRON Company, Siemens Company and other products. In order to operate the cabinet conveniently, the imported automatic parallel control module can be automatically monitored and synchronized, and the manual and automatic parallel operation can be satisfied. When several units are running in parallel, the automatic load distribution function can be realized, and the grid-connected and parallel operation conditions can be satisfied.


In a word, the 1100GFRQ gas generator set has solved the problems of low grade, high management difficulty, low long-term operation power and unsafe fire and firing in intake and exhaust pipe.



6,1FC2561-4 generator


1FC2 451-4 / 561-4 generator is a three-phase brushless AC synchronous generator produced by Siemens technology in Germany. The machine saves the traditional slide-ring carbon brush device, realizes the brushless excitation and greatly reduces the radio interference. The phase compound excitation structure of the generator has good self-excitation constant voltage performance, easy voltage construction, small waveform distortion rate, high voltage regulation accuracy, convenient maintenance, and stable operation does not easily cause the electromagnetic oscillation of the power supply system. With 100% unbalanced load capacity, can withstand 2 minutes 50% overload (H class), every 6 hours overload 10% continuous running for one hour. This series of generators is especially suitable for long-term continuous operation under harsh conditions, and the generator does not produce any harmful changes. Compared with the similar motors, the machine greatly simplifies the excitation system. The grid-connected module is Basler DECS-100, which is the fifth generation automatic excitation regulator based on microprocessor. It is suitable for distributed generation, centralized generation and peak-shaving. Make maintenance and routine inspection easier. Provide high quality backup power to users.


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