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Export ATS Switch Cabinet to Our Ethiopian Customer

Aug. 07, 2023

ATS (automatic transfer switch) is mainly used in emergency power supply system to automatically switch the load circuit from one power source to another (standby) power source to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Therefore, ATS is often used in critical power supply places, and its product reliability is particularly important.

ATS (Automatic Switching System) control cabinet consists of the following components:

A. Core components: automatic power transfer switch

B. Control module

C. Panel signal indicator and its peripheral circuit.

Our Ethiopian customer purchased a total of 3 generator sets from our Dingbo company in 2018 and 2019, including 500KW, 600KW and 1000KW Cummins containerized silent diesel generator sets with CSIC Siemens alternator. The ATS purchased this time is Suyang brand ATS, current is 1600A, model is SYK1-1600A/4P. We have successfully delivered to our customer on July 31st.

cummins Diesel Generator 100-2500 kVA

The ATS purchased by the customer is mainly used for automatic switching of the mains and diesel genset. Learn how to switch between ATS and generator.

The ATS (automatic transfer switch) provided by us is based on the microprocessor. It can accurately detect two-way three phase voltage and make accurate judgment on the abnormal voltage (power loss, over-voltage, under-voltage, and phase loss), and control ATS switch after delay. The product has the function of starting diesel generator set signal after the abnormal delay of one power supply.

ATS is used as the automatic changeover switch of the prime and standby dual-circuit power supply. It is mainly used for the primary load specified by the state and the secondary load requiring backup power. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, post and telecommunications, coal mine ships, industrial assembly lines, medical and health, military facilities, and other occasions. The main and standby power supply can be power grid, generator set, battery, etc.

diesel generator ATS switch 1600A

Basic Function of ATS

1. When the mains fails, ATS automatically switches the load to the power generation terminal after a delay of 0-10 seconds; when the main power is restored, ATS automatically switches the load to the mains after a delay of 0-10 seconds, and the generator set automatically stops after a cooling delay.

2. ATS cabinet switching delay ensures the stability of the electrical parameters of the unit power supply or the mains power supply before switching. ATS control cabinet features manual and automatic power switching. ATS has the function of the mains priority, that is to say, even in the power supply state of the genset, at any time during this period, as long as the mains returns to normal, it immediately switches to the mains supply.

3. ATS can detect the mains failure signal. When the mains fails, it can give a self-starting control signal to the generator set in time to let the unit start up and prepare for power supply. ATS has mechanical interlocks and electrical interlocks to ensure accurate and safe switching. At the same time, ATS has phase loss protection. ATS + MCCB adds short circuit and overload protection to the ATS cabinet.

We can provide ATS switches required for emergency diesel generators in different power range. If you are interested, please contact us.

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