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How Does Diesel Generator Set and Mains Supply Convert through ATS

May. 25, 2020

What Is ATSE?

ATSE (also known as dual power automatic transfer switching equipment), the conversion of diesel generator sets and mains supply can be realized by ATS. When the mains fails, ATS automatically switches the load to the generator end of the diesel generator after 6-9 seconds delay; After the utility power is restored, the ATS automatically switches the load to the mains terminal after a delay of 6-9 seconds. The diesel generator set automatically stops after a cooling delay.

Purpose of ATS

The purpose of the dual power automatic transfer switch is simply to use as common or backup. When the common power suddenly fails or the power is cut off, the dual power switch is automatically put into the standby power supply, (The backup power supply can also be powered by the generator under small load.) to keep the device still running.

ATS Components

The power automatic transfer switch (Transfer Switch for short), it consists of one or several transfer switching equipment and other necessary electrical appliances for detecting the power supply circuits and automatically transferring one or more load circuits from one power source to another.

It is a kind of dual power automatic transfer switch with perfect performance, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and wide range of use.


How to achieve conversion between diesel generator set and mains supply?

First, the dual power supply automatic conversion from the main body of the switch, which has high resistance to shock the current ability and can be frequently converted. It has a reliable mechanical interlock to ensure no simultaneous power transmission failure in any state; and has zero bit power, which can be isolated from large distance so as to withstand higher impulse voltage.

Second is the controller. The ATS can detect the mains failure signal. When the mains fails, it can give a control signal to the self-starting end of the generator set in time, so that the unit can start itself and prepare for power supply. The current ATS dual power supply controller uses microprocessor intelligent products. The detection module should have high detection accuracy and wide parameter setting range, including voltage, frequency, delay time, etc; with good electromagnetic compatibility, and can withstand voltage fluctuations, surge protection, harmonic interference, electromagnetic interference and so on.

generator controller

Mandatory requirements for dual Power supply:

1. The supply of fire control room, fire pump, fire elevator, and smoke exhaust fan in high-pressure building shall be equipped with automatic transfer equipment at the end of the distribution box;

2. For the self-provided generating equipment of a high-rise building, an automatic starting device shall be provided and the power supply shall be provided within 30s.

3. For self-provided power generation equipment of the second-class high-rise building, manual start-up device should be used when there is difficulty in automatic start-up.

It can be seen from the above mandatory regulations that the dual power supply unit should be located in the nearest position of the load, and the dual power supply device must have automatic conversion function. For a type of load, the standby generator set should also have an automatic start function. Therefore, in some places, fire protection requires an automated generating set, that is, an automatic generator set with dual power conversion, which can also realize automatic conversion, automatic power transmission, and high operational reliability under unattended operation.

The switching delay of the ATS cabinet ensures the stability of the electrical parameters of the unit power supply or the mains power supply before switching. ATS has the function of giving priority to the power supply. that is to say, even in the power supply state of the generator set, at any time during this period, as long as the mains returns to normal, it immediately switches to the mains supply.


Only a diesel generator set equipped with a dual power automatic conversion device can achieve a seamless transition between the diesel generator and the city power. At present, the automatic switching screen ATS is very important emergency power supply equipment for hospital, bank, radio station, airport, telecommunications, hotel, etc. It can be used as an emergency power source together with the self-starting diesel generating set. It can automatically start a diesel generator set within 6-9 seconds of power failure and switch to the power generation output to supply lighting, fire fighting equipment, etc.

diesel generator set


Information about Starlight ATSE

ATSE only be installed in the right place, be installed, debugged and maintained by special person. All operations (installation, connect must comply with this instruction.)

The general

Suitable for AC 660V and below, rated frequency 50Hz, whether it is normal or not. As long as within the technical parameters of the switch, all can be guaranteed safely and reliably operate in the corresponding voltage grades of occasions.

Service conditions

Ambient air temperature

The highest temperature +60

The lowest temperature - 20

The highest average temperature +60

The ambient air temperature is higher than + 60 or below - 20 the user should negotiate with the manufacturer.

Environmental temperature 6080 should reduce capacity selection (off about 20%);

Atmospheric temperature

When the highest temperature + 60 relative humidity 50%. Moist or on the sea will influence capacity when the max monthly RH is 90%.

Installation elevation

The installation elevation 2000 m. When used in higher altitude, the user should check with the manufacturer as decrease of electric strength and cooling action.

Pollution levels

Class of pollution: class 3

Installation category

Installation category as class IV.

Installation tilt

ATSE is a rack fixed installation, installation tilt ±22.5

Use categories: AC – 33 ib

Product features

Installation performance is good

With double row composite contact, horizontal pull-out mechanism micromotor energy storage and microelectric control technology, the basically zero arcing (no arc chute)

Use reliable mechanical interlock and electric interlock, ensure higher Security

Using a zero technology, an emergency can be forced to zero at the same time to cut off the two power supplies.

Has obvious on/off position indicator, padlock, and other functions. Insulate the power and the load reliably. With high reliability and more than 1000 times using life.

Good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no interference.

High automaticity

Switch has multiple input/output interface, easy to implement remote PLC control and system automation. Switch can work without any other controller.

Beautiful shape, small volume, light weight. The logic control board can control operation of the motor (inside the switch) using different logic to make sure the switch on its position.

Switch structure


ATSE series as the main, dual power automatic transfer switch is mainly used in the first class load and second class load (which need back-up power) confirmed by the national regulations, suitable for high-rise buildings, post and telecommunications, coal and shipping, industrial assembly line, health care, military facilities, etc. The main standby power can be grid, generator, battery, etc. The main standby power can be customized by users. Transfer time of the main switch body is not more than 1s. Users can make special delay when necessary. The main power takes priority over the main standby power when supply electricity together.

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