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Cummins Generator Set Advantages and Process Introduction

Aug. 08, 2023

Dingbo Power Cummins Generator Set is featured by excellent quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, high output and reliable performance. Its stable performance, economy, power and environmental safety are welcomed by customers at home and abroad. Cummins Diesel Generator Set has good characteristics of small volume, light weight, high power, reliable work and convenient maintenance. It adopt electronic governor, which has protection functions of high cooling water temperature, low oil pressure and automatic parking. 

Follows are Cummins generator set cooling system description you could know:

1.The inlet should be set at the end or both sides of the generator, the area should be more than 2.2 times bigger than water tank area. 

2.The outlet area should be 1.5 times bigger than the water tank area, and blinds and baffles should be installed in the outlet. 

3.The flexible duct flange is connected with the water tank, to absorb the displacement and vibration to prevent noise transmission. 

4.The hot air must be discharged to the outside of the engine room through the air duct. The section area of the air duct should be transferred from small to large smoothly. 

5.When the environmental temperature is higher than the design temperature, we should consider the use of reduced power. 

Cummins Diesel Generator Set

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