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Dingbo Power Signed Two Silent Diesel Gensets with China Southern Power Grid

Aug. 08, 2023

On November 7, our company signed two silent diesel generator sets with Guangxi Power Grid Co.,Ltd (wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid). One is 640KW 800KVA 400V 50Hz soundproof generator with Perkins diesel engine 4006-23TAG3A, 6 cylinders. Another is 1200KW 1500KVA container type silent diesel generating set with Cummins engine KTA50-GS8, 16 cylinders. Both gen sets are used as backup power supply.

According to statistics, Dingbo Corporation has signed 35 sets diesel generators with China Southern Power Grid since 2014.

In November 2014, China Southern Power Grid (Fangchenggang Power Supply Bureau) purchased 10 sets 20kw/25kva Ricardo generators from our company;

In March 2017, Yongzhou transformer substation of China Southern Power Grid purchased 23 sets Yuchai diesel generators in the range of 100kw to 200kw from our company;

In September 2017, China Southern Power Grid Nanning Monitoring Center purchased one set 400kw silent diesel generator set from our company.

In November 2018, China Southern Power Grid purchased 2 big power diesel generating sets with Dingbo company.

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Thank you for China Southern Power Grid's support to Dingbo Company.

China Southern Power Grid Experts Visited Dingbo Factory

November 10, China Southern Power Grid sent two experts to our factory for inspection. Through the inspection of the production workshop and the technical status of the products, experts of Southern Power Grid full affirm the scale of Dingbo, R & D technology, and corporate culture of Dingbo.

In view of the problems raised by experts of Southern Power Grid regarding the leakage of sound and rain of generator set sound attenuated enclosure, the technical department of our company has independently designed the air inlet box to achieve better noise level and rainproof effect through consulting relevant information and using special materials and technology.

The experts were very satisfied with the products of Dingbo on this visit, and said to maintain a long-term relationship with our company to provide their customers with reliable and high quality power protection.


Introduction of Dingbo Low Noise/Soundproof Gensets

Dingbo low noise gensets are manufactured by adopting international advanced technology of generating sets. The gensets we manufactured comply with national standards GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 and international standards ISO 8528. This series of gensets have significant low noise performance, multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type acoustic shield, which greatly reduce the influence of noise on users. Large capacity oil burner, quick opening cover plate, and easy maintenance characteristics.

Dingbo low noise gensets (Silent gen sets) use shock insulation, sound insulation, and sound absorbing and so on noise reduction measures to make the noise indexes decreased significantly. Our silent generator noise level can reach 65-70 dB at 7 m.

Dingbo Container type Diesel Generator (Standard & Soundproof)

1. In accordance with international standards for container design and manufacturing, 20 feet for 1000KVA or less, 40 feet for 1250KVA or above.

2. Accord with CSC (International Convention for Safety Container) Certification, the whole unit can be directly as a standard container for shipping, greatly savings transportation costs.

3. Two explosion-proof lights (an extra one for the control panel) are designed inside the container, easy to operate and maintain.

4. Available to access in the front and back of the container, the side door is arranged on both sides of the box body, which is convenient for users to maintain and overhaul, and a ladder is arranged outside the box.

5. All hinges, locks, bolts are made of stainless steel, anti-wave and anti- intrusion device are installed inside the container.

6. The control panel and the output switchgear are on the same side of the container for daily operation and output cable connection.

7. Standard configuration with permanent excitation PMG system to improve the motor starting ability and the waveform distortion with immunity;

8. Apply unique design for fuel tank, pipe, machine oil emission and silencer, it is popular among users.

9. The mute housing is made by adopting the high performance anti-aging flame retardant type sound insulation materials and sound absorbing materials.

Optional accessories:

1)  Automatic fuel pump (or control valve)

2) Coolant adding pump

3) Double oil water separator

4) Automatic parallel system. (https://www.dieselgeneratortech.com/uploadfile/2018/1107/20181107113506771.pdf )

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