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The Method of Emergency Shutdown of Diesel Generator

Sep. 26, 2019

800kw Perkins generator manufacturer tells you how to operate emergency shutdown.

How to stop diesel generators in case of emergency. Do you cut off the power directly? There are normal shutdown and emergency shutdown, the article mainly talks about emergency shutdown operation.

During the use of diesel generator set, because operators are negligent in maintenance or diesel generators long-term overloaded work, there will be some unexpected situations, as follows:

1.During the operation, the diesel engine suddenly changes its sound, the oil pressure drops or there is no oil pressure directly. It is possible that the high pressure oil pump is damaged and emergency stop is required;

2.Observe the meter speed, if the speed automatically rises or stays high, it is very likely that there will be a flying phenomenon;

3.After working for a period of time, the genset temperature rises sharply, or it is failure to start up. The reasons are mainly poor cooling, we need to check the water tank first;

4.The sound of normal diesel generating set should be clear and melodious. If there is any abnormal sound or sound of knocking on the cylinder block, emergency shutdown and checking is required;

5.If there are oil leakage, water leakage and other conditions in oil pipeline, emergency shutdown and inspection is also required;

6.When the machine breaks down, stop and check as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage to the machine and minimize the damage to the machine;

7.Cooling water temperature exceeds 99 ° C, when the fault light is red, the genset must be stopped immediately;

8.Cylinders, pistons, governors and other moving parts are stuck;

9.When the generator voltage exceeds the maximum reading on the metter;

10.In the event of fire or electric leakage and other natural hazards;

11.Generator set has strong vibration (greatly exceeding the allowable value);

12.The generator or main exciter slip ring has a strong circular spark that cannot be eliminated.

 Perkins diesel generator

Emergency shutdown operation is required when one of the above conditions occurs in diesel generator set. Diesel generating set itself has an emergency stop button, at this time, press the emergency stop button or quickly press the stop control handle of fuel injection pump to the stop position, the diesel generator will quickly cut off the load, and immediately close the throttle, while the red "emergency stop" light is on. Need to press the button again to delete the emergency stop signal. If there are serious faults or distribution faults, you can also press the button on the control panel, and the unit will stop immediately.


In fact, all faults always give operators some warning signal before spare parts break down or engine damage occurs. So the operators need to be smart, and notice alarm signals (sudden drop in oil pressure, abnormal sound, etc.) and immediately stopping the engine.


Emergency shutdown operation is different from normal shutdown operation.

Emergency shutdown operation. Once the operator finds that there is a serious fault or distribution fault in the diesel generating set, he can press the emergency stop button of the control panel to stop the unit immediately. If there is no special circumstances, we advise users not to stop the unit at will through the emergency stop button.

Normal shutdown operation. Before stop the diesel genset, the load should be cut off first, and the fuel pump switch handle is immediately turned to the position where the oil circuit is cut off, so that the diesel engine immediately stops; the pressure gauge value of the unit drops below the specified value.


Whether it is normal or emergency shutdown, correct shutdown operation is very important for diesel generating sets These operations can protect the equipment from damage, which in general is conducive to prolonging the life of the units. 

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