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How To Judge Fault From Oil Pressure Gauge in Generator Set

Sep. 21, 2019

The function of diesel genset oil pressure gauge is to show the situation of oil pressure in lubrication system. Oil pressure is an important indicator of lubrication system. Its value size indicates the strength of lubrication.


Many people may not know that the oil level of diesel generator also represents whether the lubrication system is good. Today Starlight teaches you how to know faults from oil pressure gauge of generators.


1.Oil pressure is always too low.

Whatever diesel generator is at low speed or high speed, or at low temperature or high temperature, if the oil pressure gauge always indicates less than 0.1Mpa and the oil pressure alarm lamp flickers, which means that the oil pressure is too low.

Methods for finding out the reasons:

Firstly, screw down the oil ruler to check whether the oil in the disc is sufficient and whether the oil is too thin;

Secondly, check whether the oil pressure gauge and the induction plug are out of order, remove the induction plug lead and put it on the ground directly, at this time, if the oil pressure returns to normal (or remove the induction plug, start the engine briefly) or the oil is ejected from the oil duct, the pressure is sufficient, so that our hand can not hold, indicating that the induction plug is damaged.

Then replace a good oil pressure gauge to test again, if the oil pressure is normal, indicating the original oil pressure gauge is damaged; check again whether the process plug on the engine body is loose and the tubing is broken, whether the pressure valve is stuck and the engine oil filter is blocked, etc.( Remove the oil induction plug and start the engine briefly. If there are bubbles in the center of the oil liquid allocated from the pipeline, it will indicate there is air in intake pipe).

Finally, check whether the oil pump has been seriously damaged.


2.Oil pressure can not reach a normal standard value.

The oil pressure of diesel generator set is 1.2Mpa after starting. After adjusting the adjusting bolt of the pressure regulating valve for many times, the oil pressure is still below 1.5MPa, which can not meet the normal standard of the turbocharged diesel generator set (different brand generator, the normal oil pressure value will be different ). During the long-term operation of diesel generator, if the oil pressure is too low, the wear of moving parts will be accelerated, the sealing effect will be damaged, the service life of diesel generator will be shortened, and even accidents will occur.

Reasons for the faults:

Oil viscosity index decreased more or oil into excessive diesel oil;

Oil filter internal is too dirty, filter plug appeared partial blockage;

Pressure regulating valve spring is broken;

Valve action surface and valve seat surface can not fit tightly or valve stuck;

Oil pump is failure;

Lubrication parts surface clearance is too large.

Fault handling:

Check engine oil viscosity index;

Check the working condition inside the pressure regulating valve;

Remove the engine oil filter assembly and clean it. After cleaning, assembling and testing the machine, the oil pressure do not increase significantly. Failures are excluded.


3.Oil pressure gauge suddenly dropped to zero.

During diesel engine operation, the indication of oil pressure gauge suddenly drops from normal value to zero, accompanied by oil pressure alarm lamp flashing.

At this time, we should first check whether there is any oil in the oil pan. If there is no engine oil, it means that the oil pipe is broken and cracked or the oil discharging screw of the oil pan is loose, which leads to oil leakage.

Secondly, check whether the oil pressure gauge and induction plug are damaged.

Then check whether the transmission shaft and pin of the oil pump have been broken, so that the oil pump stop working.

Finally, check whether the engine oil filter is blocked or not and whether the plug of connecting rod bearing purifying oil chamber is loose.


4.Oil pressure suddenly rises a lot.

When the engine runs at medium speed and high speed, the oil pressure gauge indicates that the normal value suddenly rises, and exceeds the limit pressure value of 0.5-0.6 Mpa. After the engine speed decreases, the oil pressure can not be uniformly reduced to the prescribed value. 

At this time, it is necessary to check whether the oil pressure gauge is damaged (after stop the engine , the oil pressure gauge still has pressure, that is, the pressure gauge is damaged).



Then check whether the main oil pipeline is blocked (the main oil passage process plug can be screwed down to dredge); check whether the pressure limiting valve and return value is blocked and can not be opened; check whether nozzle of rotor oil fine filter is blocked, which results in the increase of oil pressure caused by all the oil entering the main oil passage from the coarse filter.

In a word, oil pressure of generator set is too high or too low, both indicating there are some faults, after we can judge faults from oil pressure gauge, we will resolve the faults shortly. 

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