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Maintenance Regulations for Parts of Cummins Generator Set

Mar. 04, 2020

Today Starlight manufacturer talks about the maintenance regulations for parts of Cummins diesel generator set.

1.Connecting rod of Cummins generator

A.If the copper sleeve of connecting rod is excessively worn, connecting rod must be sent to the repair shop with milling machine to replace it with a new copper sleeve (Cummins repair service center). When replacing the new copper sleeve, the piston pin and the new copper sleeve must be brought. The diameter of the copper sleeve of the processed connecting rod is N (50). 825-50. 838mm), K (60.985-61. 024mm). The difference between the diameter of piston pin and copper sleeve is 0. 05mm.

B.The connecting rod with connecting rod bush must be scrapped.

C.When assembling connecting rod screws, it is necessary to carefully check whether the connecting rod screws are elongated, cracked or damaged. Unqualified connecting rod screws and nuts must be replaced.

D.If enlarge connecting rod bush, it is recommended not to exceed two levels at most.

E.When installing the connecting rod screw, it is necessary to check whether the connecting rod screw slips twice according to the specifications. or the slipping connecting rod screw, it must be replaced and the specified torque must be reached several times.

F.When the connecting rod and piston assembly are installed on the crankshaft journal, attention must be paid to the installation of the connecting rod, otherwise serious accidents of bearing burn will occur.

Cummins generator set

2.Cylinder block of Cummins generator

A.The cylinder liner must be maintained with qualified flatness. If the stop surface is uneven, the cooling water of the cylinder body will flow out of the cylinder body from the stop. Some cylinder bodies are equipped with liner washers. When pressing the liner, the liner washers must be put into the stop.

B.When the main bearing burns, the main bearing pedestal will be deformed, even cracks will occur. The deformation of the main bearing pedestal can be sent to a professional repair company for repair and recovery, while the cracked cylinder body will be scrapped. For the cylinder block of high-power diesel engine, when installing the cover screws on both sides, the length must be checked carefully. Otherwise, the screw with too long length will easily collide with the balance weight of crankshaft and damage the cylinder block and crankshaft.

C.During the overhaul of the unit, it is necessary to clean the oil passage of the cylinder block and keep the oil passage clean.

D.For the piston cooling nozzle installed in the cylinder block during the intermediate overhaul of the unit, it is recommended to install or remove the piston and connecting rod assembly after removal to prevent the piston and connecting rod assembly from breaking the piston cooling nozzle. After the piston and connecting rod components are installed, install the piston cooling nozzle.

E.When installing the main bearing, pay attention to whether the installation of each main bearing is correct. And check whether the bearing bush locating ring is missing. The main bearing screws must be loosened after reaching the specified torque according to the specification, check whether the main bearing cover screws have sliding wire phenomenon. Replace the screws with sliding wire phenomenon and damaged screw thread.

F.For burnt crankshaft, after grinding, it is necessary to check the bending degree of crankshaft and whether there is crack in the shaft stiffness. Do not use the cracked crankshaft.

3.Follow-up arm mechanism of Cummins generator set

There may be pockmarks or peeling on the valve or injector roller to the follower arm. If so, the roller, roller shaft and roller pin must be replaced, or the diesel engine (driven by land generator set) will emit black smoke.

4.Oil pump of Cummins generator set

During the mid overhaul of the unit, the oil pump must be inspected. If the internal gear of the oil pump is excessively worn, the unqualified parts must be replaced or replaced as a whole.

5.Cummins generator set water pump

When the unit is in medium overhaul, the oil pump must be overhauled, and the water pump shall be overhauled with the water pump overhaul package or the water pump minor repair package. When installing the water seal, special installation tools must be used for installation, otherwise it is easy to damage the water seal.

6.Cummins generator set belt

When replacing the belt of fan, water pump and charger, if there is more than one belt of the same type for one machine, all the belts of the same type must be replaced.

7.Turbine Holset of Cummins generator set

A.The impeller of exhaust gas turbine shaft and compressor shall not be damaged, otherwise, the air intake of diesel engine will be insufficient, and black smoke will be set when the diesel engine is loaded.

B.In particular, when the valve seat, valve and piston are damaged, the debris is discharged to the impeller of the exhaust gas turbine shaft of the Holset turbocharger along with the exhaust gas, and the impeller is damaged.

C.If the oil ring installation groove of the exhaust gas turbine shaft is worn, the oil will leak to the exhaust gas impeller end, resulting in a sharp increase in oil consumption.

8.Intercooler of Cummins generator set

A.During the overhaul of Cummins diesel engine, the intercooler must be inspected and cleaned. If there is rust and scale on the surface of the intercooler, it means that the intercooler has water leakage fault, and the intercooler must be scrapped.

B.When cleaning the intercooler, if the material of the intercooler is aluminum alloy sheet, it can be cleaned with metal cleaner, Tianna water and diesel oil and dried; if the material of the intercooler is other material (such as Cummins K Series), it can only be cleaned with Tianna water and diesel oil. After cleaning, it must be noted that it is moisture-proof and rusty, and it is absolutely forbidden to use water to clean K series intercooler, Otherwise, the intercooler will be rusted and scrapped.


Maybe above maintenance regulations for Cummins diesel generator set is not completed, but we hope it is helpful to you. Starlight manufacturer also supplies diesel gensets, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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