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How To Make Volvo Diesel Generators Service Life Longer

Sep. 20, 2019

100kw Volvo diesel generator manufacturer solves problem for you.


Because the price of diesel generator usually is high, the use frequency is not good. To reduce production cost, many users are trying to extend the service life of the diesel generator . Any equipment all has a life cycle, which is generally achieved under specific conditions ( under ideal working conditions, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the use instructions for maintenance).

While in practical application, due to changes in environmental conditions and negligence of users, it is impossible to operate machines 100% in accordance with the requirements of operation instructions, especially diesel generators.

Volvo diesel generator


So, what we should do to make the service life Volvo generators longer? We will give you some suggestions from some problems, as follows:


1.Generator start-up preheating time problem.

Whatever in Summer or Winter, the generator should not run at high speed or with load immediately after starting, especially in winter. After the start-up of the generator set, it should run without load for 3 minutes (summer) to 5 minutes (winter) at idle or low speed (800-1000r/min), and then start working with load. If after starting diesel generator, immediately working under heavy load, at this time, the temperature of the diesel engine is low, the clearance of friction pairs is relatively small, and lubricating oil at the beginning is relative lag, which will cause abnormal wear and tear of these parts. Regular repeated use may lead to abnormal damage of the diesel engine.


2.Heat insulation problem of intake temperature.

Under normal conditions, the intake temperature of diesel generator should not be higher than 45 ℃. If the intake temperature is too high, we should try to reduce it. In particular, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the thermal radiation and direct heating effect of exhaust outlet nozzle on intake air. It should be ensured that the distance between intake pipe nozzle and exhaust pipe nozzle is not less than 150 mm, and the interface between exhaust pipe and intake pipe should not leak. Otherwise, should measure to eliminate it. If the generator exhaust pipe nozzle can not be far away from the intake pipe nozzle because of structural constraints, or the exhaust joint leakage can not be eliminated temporarily due to structural restrictions, temporary measures must be taken to separate the two with thin steel plate to minimize the influence of exhaust heat on the intake. When the intake temperature is too high, the air density of the intake cylinder decreases, and the intake volume is relatively insufficient, the diesel generator will emit black smoke when working under heavy load. If the intake temperature is too high, the diesel engine works at high intake temperature for a long time, which may cause serious problems such as piston "top burning" and "cylinder pulling".


3.Cooling problem of diesel generator before shutdown.

Diesel generator can not work under whole load after starting up, also can not shut down immediately after work under whole load, especially in summer. The generator set can not be shut down until the temperature of the generator set decreases. If the diesel generator shuts down immediately after full load operation, it is easy to cause "cylinder pulling" and other faults due to the regenerative effect of combustion temperature in the cylinder. Air-cooled generators should pay special attention to cooling before shutdown.

4.Other problems that should be paid attention.

A.In winter, when the generator set starts, should use start-up preheating device according to the requirements. In addition to installing water jacket heater, heating equipment should be installed at the room where conditions permit to ensure high ambient temperature. When starting is difficult, do not use the start-up preheating device for a long time, because when starting the preheating device, the preheating plug installed on the intake pipe will flow out of fuel. The longer the start-up preheating time is, the more fuel the preheating plug will flow out, which will lead to rough start-up or more difficult start-up of diesel engine.


B.For air-cooled diesel generators, after the roof of the air chamber is removed, can not work for a long time under full load operation. If the air chamber of an air-cooled diesel generator does not have a top cover, it is equivalent to that of water-cooled generator without a radiator. If the diesel generator works at full load for a long time, serious faults will occur.


C.When diesel generator is used in winter, after starting, the idle speed without load or low speed operation time should not exceed 30 minutes. Because of the low ambient temperature in winter, the wear of moving parts such as piston rings will be aggravated when diesel engine runs at low speed and low temperature for a long time.


D.According different seasons to select different viscosity grades of lubricanting oil. If choose lubricating oil inappropriately, the generator will be seriously damaged. The General requirements for selecting lubricants are: after confirming the quality grade of lubricants, high temperature lubricants (such as 40, 50, 60, etc.) are used in high temperature areas in summer and low temperature lubricants (such as 0W, 5W, 10W, etc.) are used in cold areas in winter. Mixed lubricants (15W/40, 20W/40, etc.) can be used in other areas.

E.Regularly check the fastening condition of the support, shock absorber rubber block and bolts in each fastening part of the whole set of Volvo diesel generator set. If the diesel generator support shock absorber rubber is damaged quickly, the support bolt is loosened or the main fastening part of the bolt is loosened, the vibration of the diesel generator will be increased, and long-term operation may lead to serious damage  to the diesel engine.

F.Regularly clean dust deposits on the heat dissipation surfaces of Volvo generators, check the status of heat dissipation system and fan system, so that the cooling system of diesel generators is always in good working condition, which is also one of the effective ways to extend the service life of Volvo diesel generators.

Hope above information is helpful for you and your diesel generator can have a long service life. 

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