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How to Choose Lubricating Oil for Cummins Engine?

Sep. 21, 2019

Since USA Cummins diesel engine was put on the market, it is very popular and quickly occupies the market because of small size, big power, advanced technology, reliable and durable, good applicability, low cost, easy maintenance and other advantages.


Many users' diesel engines still work well after driving 400-500 thousand kilometers, or even 600-700 thousand kilometers. But some users’ diesel engines only drive several kilometers, there is serious damage. For serious situation, the oil consumption is serious and the power is obviously reduced. For very serious situation, even cause engine scrap.


Why same type engine, but the use result is different? The main reason is improper use of engine lubricating oil.

Firstly, when choose engine lubricating oil, can not choose and know about engine lubricating oil correctly.

As we know, about vehicle diesel engine oil, we should choose different grades of oil according to different types of diesel engines and different operating conditions. While, for different proportion of additives, grades of diesel oil is also different. For example, CC diesel engine lubricating oil and CD diesel engine lubricating oil.

 Cummins engine

While manufacturers produce diesel engine lubricating oil according to different brands of diesl engine and demands, forming their own formulation systems in the formulation process .


Lubricating oil is made by base oil and additives. Although the quality of lubricating oil depends mainly on the base oil, additives also can not be ignored. In the daily use of lubricating oil, because the different brands of lubricating oil produced by different manufacturers are mixed together to use, it is chemical reaction between additives, resulting in serious deterioration of lubricating oil, loss of the value of lubricating oil, resulting in engine damage.


In addition, when use and choose lubricating oil, users maybe have some mistakes, as follows:

1.Some users think that the clearer the oil is, the better the quality of the oil will be, if lubricating oil becomes black, the quality is not good. In fact, if engine lubricating oil becomes black, it is the dispersants and detergents in the oil that act to disperse and dissolve the carbon deposited on the inner wall of the engine and the colloid. If the diesel engine oil always does not blacken, on the contrary, there is a problem with additives in the oil;

2.Some users choosing lubricating oil do not accord to the grades recommended or required in the manufacturer's instructions, while blindly pursue the consumption viewpoint of famous brand, "the more expensive the price, the better the quality". As a result, the oil used differs greatly from the requirements of the manufacturer, which eventually leads to engine damage;

3.There are various auxiliary additives for anti-wear of lubricating oil on the market, but in the absence of the specifications, additives should not be added to the oil at will.


How to select engine lubricating oil correctly?

We should strictly select the prescribed grade lubricating oil according to the use requirements of diesel engine and working environment, and strictly prohibit the use of inferior lubricating oil. In addition, when lubricating oil is used, the same brand of lubricating oil should be selected. When non-same brand of lubricating oil is selected, the lubricating oil in diesel engine should be exhausted and cleaned with diesel oil before other brand of lubricating oil can be replaced.


The quality of engine lubricating oil in use will ceaselessly decline, to a certain extent, it should be replaced. If the lubricating oil is found to be thinner or thicker, or to be stratified or precipitated, it must be changed even if it is not in the oil changing period.


The viscosity of lubricating oil has a great influence on the reliability and durability of diesel engine. It is necessary to select suitable oil to ensure the normal operation of diesel engine. Viscosity is too small, engine oil pressure is low, oil film can not be maintained in the lubricated parts, loss of lubrication effect, light cause serious wear and tear on the friction surface, heavy cause serious accidents such as cylinder pulling, tile burning, axle holding, etc. Viscosity is too high, cold start of engine is difficult, oil pressure is high, but oil flow is slow, and can not reach the lubrication part, so wear increases. In addition, high oil viscosity and high friction resistance will lead to insufficient output power and increase fuel consumption.


In a word, we should choose lubricating oil according to the instructions of Cummins diesel engine. Hope this article can help you to use engine lubricating oil correctly.

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