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How to Make 100kw Cummins Generator Saving Fuel and Durable

Oct. 14, 2019

Air quality and circulation is very important for fuel consumption of 100kw Cummins diesel generator set. If there is too much impurities in air, will causes damage to 100kw Cummins diesel generator set.

If Cummins diesel generator set is used indoor, we should ensure there is enough fresh air. If generator room is very closed, will cause air to be out of circulation.This will not only affect the diesel combustion rate of the diesel engine, but also reduce the cooling effect of the genset. The cooling of the intake air can not reach, the heat generated by the genset can not be exhausted, and the temperature in the engine room will gradually rise, reaching the red warning value, which will lead to the failure. Therefore, do not install window at generator room, can replace glass with anti-theft net, and the height of the window from the ground should not be too high, which will also affect the genset's "breathing" fresh air.

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If Cummins diesel generator set is used indoor, and is trailer mobile generator set or silent diesel generator set, we do not need to worry, because when diesel generator manufacturers design generator room, they have done well these work. 

But if Cummins generator set is used outdoor, we should pay attention. Some customers use Cummins generator set outdoor, they do not attend surrounding environment. Over time, they were found that the power of Cummins diesel generator set decreased. In fact, the diesel generator set inhaled a lot of dirty air or dust and floating sand, which led to the power decline of diesel generator set. If the diesel generator set inhales dirt and other impurities, the insulation between the stator and rotor clearances will be damaged, if the damage is seriously, low noise type diesel generator set will be burned down. Therefore, when using diesel generator set, must ensure environment quality, or take the necessary measures to filter the air.

The function of diesel generator air filter is to filter out the dust entering the air cylinder to ensure that the engine has enough clean air mixed with fuel to produce combustion. Diesel engine combust 1kg diesel fuel, will need 14kg air, if do not filter dust which entering the air cylinder, will increase damage of air cylinder, piston, and piston ring. So when diesel generator set working, not use air filter or use damaged air filter is not allowed. The requirement of air filter of Starlight is: strong filtering ability, small resistance to air, simple structure, easy to use and maintain.



When using 100kw Cummins diesel generator set, it is necessary to maintain and clean air filter, here starlight shares some methods:

1.When installing the air filter on the diesel generator set, we must pay attention to the sealing gaskets and rubber connecting pipes, not to leak, reverse and misfit, more importantly, we should ensure the tightness of all links;

2.If use paper dust collector air filter on diesel generator set, we should pay attentions, wash air filter once used in less than 100 hours, we can gently brush the dust off the surface of the air filter with a soft brush or something like that, in this process, we must pay attention not to exert too much to make it worse. If after used air filter over 500 hours or it is damaged, we should replace new one in time;

3.If use oil bath air filter on diesel generator set, when using it before over 200 hours, we should clean it, after cleaned, should be care to change lubricating oil of air filter to keep the working of equipment. If the filter element of the air filter is damaged, the new filter element must be replaced in time, and lubricant should be added to the equipment on time to maintain the good operation of the equipment;

4.Maintenance cycle of air filters for diesel generating units is once every 50 hours of operation;

5.Loosen the iron ring, remove the dust collector and filter element, and clean the filter element from top to bottom;

6.When the filter element is not too dirty, it can be directly blown with compressed air, but should note that the air pressure should not be too high and the nozzle should not be too close to the filter element;

7.If the filter element is too dirty, we should clean it with a special cleaning solution and dry it with an electric heater;

8.After cleaning, it should be checked. The method of checking is to illuminate from inside to outside with light, observe outside the filter core, if there are light spots, it shows that the filter core has been perforated. At this time, the same type of filter core should be replaced. If there is no light spot, it indicates that the filter element is not perforated. At this time, the air filter should be installed carefully.

Of course, to make 100kw Cummins diesel generator saving fuel and durable, in addition to doing the above methods well, we should also pay attentions to as follows:


1.We should choose diesel oil that meets national standards, filter impurities in diesel oil, and clean and replace diesel oil filters in time. Impurities in diesel oil will affect the operation of plunger and injector, resulting in nonuniform fuel supply, poor fuel atomization and other bad phenomena, which will increase the fuel consumption of Cummins generator;


2.Remove polymer adhering to air valve of a tyre, valve seat and injector in time. These coke deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time;

3.Avoid overloading and allow diesel oil to burn adequately. Overload will cause insufficient combustion of diesel oil, resulting in black smoke. Regular having black smoke will increase consumption and shorten service life of diesel generating unit;

4.Increase the coolant liquid temperature of diesel generator set,to reduce the oil pressure and reduce the oil Consumption.

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