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How to Calculate The Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generator Set?

Nov. 25, 2022

Many users are concerned about the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set when it is used. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of the 400KW diesel generator set is about 40.3 liters per hour. As for the size of the load, it has little impact on this. The higher the load, the higher the throttle, the greater the fuel consumption, and the smaller the load, the smaller the relative fuel consumption. The key is whether the diesel generator set is in good condition and whether the usual maintenance method is correct. If the cylinder liner and piston are worn, it will also affect. In addition, what's the performance of the diesel generator set you bought? Except for the above two conditions, the fuel consumption per hour is set at about 40.3 liters.

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For example, what is the fuel consumption of 200KW diesel generator set in eight hours? Now our company has a 200KW diesel generator set, which is a V12 cylinder 135 Shanghai Dongfeng diesel engine. When the load is 80%, how many liters of diesel fuel does it consume in eight hours?

My trial answer is as follows: 200KW generator should be equipped with 220KW diesel engine. The fuel consumption of diesel engines is generally 190 to 220 g/kW/h (depending on different machines and different brands of fuel). Now, based on 200g/kW/h: 220 (KW) * 0.2 (Kg) * 8=352 (Kg), the density of No. 0 diesel oil is about 0.84 (Kg/L), 320/0.84=419 (L), that is, the fuel consumption of your 200KW diesel generator set for eight hours is about 419 liters.

Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of diesel generator set is about 0.2 L/kW/h. The fuel consumption index is determined by the following factors: different brands of diesel generator sets have different fuel consumption; The size of the electrical load is related, so please refer to the manufacturer's instructions of the generator set.

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