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Design of Air Inlet and Exhaust Route in Diesel Generator Room

Sep. 05, 2022

In most cases, the diesel generator set is installed in the generator room for use. During the design process of the engine room, the air inlet and air outlet must be unblocked to ensure the air intake to supplement the air consumed by the generator combustion and the unit. A large amount of heat emitted during operation is discharged out of the machine room through the air outlet, so that the temperature in the machine room is as close to the ambient temperature as possible and the temperature of the unit is kept within the normal working temperature range. If the design of the air intake and exhaust routes of diesel generator room is unreasonable, it will cause the hot air of the unit in the engine room to circulate in the engine room, resulting in a serious increase in the temperature of the engine room, thus affecting the normal operation of the diesel generator set. Therefore, when designing the air intake and exhaust of the equipment room, the following matters should be paid attention to:

Diesel generator room

Air Inlet

Starlight Power recommends customers to adopt the sloping upper air intake method close to the control panel side of the unit, and add louvers and metal protective net curtains to prevent foreign objects from entering and ensure normal air convection. In order to prevent the backflow of hot air, the air inlet of the unit should be as far away from the air outlet as possible, and the air in the machine room should be as direct as possible. The air inlet should be protected to prevent the entry of rainwater and other foreign objects. In order to ensure the ventilation volume of the machine room, the net area of the air inlet of the machine room should not be less than twice the effective area of the radiator core of the unit. If the area of the air inlet is too small, the temperature of the machine may be too high due to the fact that the actual air intake is too small, which will affect the normal use of the unit. And reduce the power output of the unit, shorten the maintenance cycle and reduce the service life.

Air outlet

When the air outlet or air outlet is installed with window and metal protective net curtain, it should be ensured that the net area of the air outlet is not less than 1.4 times the effective area of the radiator core, and the center of the air outlet should be as far as possible. Consistent with the center position of the radiator core of the generator set, the aspect ratio of the air outlet is also as close as possible to the aspect ratio of the radiator core. In order to prevent the backflow of hot air and the transmission of mechanical vibration to the outside, it is recommended to install an elastic shock-absorbing horn-shaped air guide groove between the radiator and the air outlet.

A good ventilation system in the diesel generator room must ensure that there is enough air in and out, and free circulation can be achieved in the engine room. Therefore, there should be enough space in the computer room to ensure that the temperature in the computer room remains balanced and the air circulates normally and smoothly. Unless restricted by special installation conditions, the ventilation system should usually adopt the straight-in straight-out type. And absolutely avoid the hot air discharged by the generator set from entering the machine room again through the air inlet of the machine room. When the air intake in the machine room is insufficient, an industrial axial fan should be used for forced air intake, in order to obtain more fresh cold air into the machine room and then circulate.

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