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Matters Needing Attention When Designing Diesel Generator Room

Sep. 29, 2021

As emergency power generation equipment, diesel generator sets play a pivotal role in all aspects of our life and production. Therefore, when designing diesel generator rooms, users must strictly design according to relevant regulations. Users should pay special attention to the following items.


1. Ventilation of diesel generator room.

The ventilation problem of the diesel generator room is a problem to be solved in the design of the engine room, especially when the engine room is located in the basement, otherwise it will directly affect the operation of the diesel engine generator set.


The exhaust air of the unit should generally be arranged with hot air ducts in an organized manner. It is not advisable to let the diesel engine radiator dissipate the heat in the engine room and then be exhausted by the exhaust fan. Sufficient fresh air should be provided in the computer room. When the diesel engine is running, the ventilation volume of the engine room should be equal to or greater than the sum of the fresh air volume required for combustion of the diesel engine and the fresh air volume required to maintain the room temperature.


2. Dust prevention of diesel generator room.

If the equipment room is not well dustproof, it will also cause harm to the equipment. In the case of ensuring the ventilation of the equipment room, while taking into account the dustproof effect of the equipment room, install the air inlet and exhaust louvers to ensure the air quality and air volume of the equipment room. Special attention should be paid to the following points.


(1) Sufficient air intake and exhaust must be reserved for the ventilation of the installation site, and the area of the exhaust outlet is more than 1.5 times the area of the water tank.

(2) Keep the area around the installation site clean and don't put it together with some chemical reagents to avoid corrosion.

(3) When used indoors, the smoke exhaust pipe must be led to the outdoors. The pipe diameter needs to be larger than the pipe diameter of the muffler. When installing the pipe, it needs to be inclined to a certain degree to avoid rain. The foundation needs to be on the ground when concrete is used. Perform horizontal processing.

(4) The shell of the diesel generator must be grounded. It is best to configure a lightning protection device. Neutral grounding with the grounding of the mains is prohibited.

(5) Be sure to install an automatic alarm fire extinguishing system, such as heptafluoropropane gas automatic fire extinguishing system.


diesel generator

3. Location selection of diesel generator room.

(1) The generator room should be close to the first-level load or distribution substation, and can be set on the first floor, the first underground floor or the second underground floor of the building.

(2) When installed in a basement, at least one side should be on the non-main entrance and leeward side of the outer wall for easy entry and exit, ventilation and smoke exhaust.

(3) It should be convenient for equipment transportation, hoisting and maintenance.

(4) The main entrances and passages of buildings should be avoided, so as not to affect the entry and exit of personnel when the unit is regularly repaired and maintained.

(5) It should not be installed below or adjacent to wet places such as toilets and bathrooms to prevent water seepage from affecting the operation of the unit.


1. Fire-fighting facilities must be in place.

(1) A fire alarm device should be installed.

(2) Fire extinguishing facilities suitable for the capacity of diesel generators and the scale of the building should be installed. When other parts of the building are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems, the machine room should be equipped with automatic sprinkler systems.

(3) Calculation of ventilation.

① Calculation of usual ventilation: When the diesel engine room is located on the ground, the usual ventilation shall be no less than 3 times, and the accidental ventilation shall be no less than 6 times. When the diesel engine room is semi-underground, the usual ventilation shall be no less than 6 times and the accidental ventilation shall be no less than 12 times. When the diesel engine room is underground, the usual ventilation is no less than 12 times, the number of air changes in the oil storage room is no less than 6 times.

② Calculation of ventilation volume after disaster: The ventilation volume of the computer room shall not be less than 5 air changes.


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