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Are You Familiar with Wind Power Generator and Diesel Generator?

Jun. 21, 2019

There are many kinds of generator, for example, the most common generator is diesel generator, wind-driven generator, gasoline generator etc. Every kind of generator has its characteristic, we can know which is better by learning about them and comparing them. In this article, we mainly talk about wind power generator and diesel generator.

1.Wind power generator

Working principle:

Wind power generator is a electrical equipment which converting wind energy into mechanical work, the mechanical power drives the rotor to rotate, in finally, outputs alternating current. In generally, wind power generator set are composed of wind turbines, generators (including devices), directional regulators (tail wings), towers, speed-limiting safety mechanisms and energy storage devices.

The wind wheel rotates under the action of wind force, it converts the kinetic energy of the wind into the mechanical energy of the wind wheel axle, generator generate electricity driven by rotor shaft rotating. It can be divided into steam turbine, gas turnine and hydroturbine. Widely used as power engines for power generations, aviation, navigation, etc. Actually, the wind turbocharger is an air compressor, which increases the air intake through compressed air. It uses inertial impulse to increase engine output power.

Wind power generator

Advantages :

A.Reducing environmental pollution and saving conventional energy such as coal and petroleum;

B.Clean, good environmental benefits, no harmful gases and waste are emitted;

C.Renewable, never exhausted;

D.Short construction period and flexible installation scale.

Disadvantages :

A.Ecologically, disturb birds. For example, grouse in Kansas, USA, disappeared after the windmill appeared;

B.Noise and visual pollution, after finishing installation, if we want to handle, it is more difficult;

C.It occupies a large area of land;

D.Unstable and difficult to control. In many places, winds are intermittent, if the winds are small, produced power electricity will be small, so that it maybe influence people to use electricity;

E.Not portable. If electricity supply is short, it can not be use as standby or emergency unit.

2.Diesel generator

Working principle:

In the air cylinder of diesel generator, The clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure silent diesel fuel injected by the injector. Under the pressure of the piston upward, the volume of the diesel fuel decreases and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of the diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is ignited, mixed air burns rapidly and volume expands rapidly, which pushes forward plunger down, this called “ work”. Every air cylinder works in a sorted order, the thrust acting on the plunger passes through the connecting rod and becomes the force driving the crankshaft to rotate, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate. When the brushless generator is coaxially installed with the crankshaft of the diesel engine, the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator, using the principle of "electromagnetic induction", the generator will emit the induced electromotive force, and the current can be generated through the closed load loop.

1000kVA Wuxi diesel generator


A.Fuel economy and high thermal efficiency;

B.Reliable and durable, big power, can be used as prime, standby or emergency unit;

C.Wide range of applications. It is widely use for home, office, industry etc. Especially in some remote and power shortage places;

D.High thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption;

E.Compact structure and flexible installation location of supporting equipment.


A.The noise produced during the work is relatively large and the vibration amplitude is also large (But now there is silent type generator set, will reduce noise relatively);

B.The structure is complex, and the processing precision of parts and components is required to be high;

C.High fuel requirements. And the cleanliness of fuel is strictly required. It is difficult to use solid fuel or inferior fuel inside the cylinder.

Thus it can be seen, they all can supply power electricity, this is the same between them. The difference is : wind power generator is utilization of renewable resources, and very clean. While wind power generator set is not more portable than diesel generator set, wind generator set needs impact of airflow to drive the impeller to rotate, so that can supply electricity, it is some limited, constrained by the environment, the cost of installation is higher for home use. Diesel generator set is use diesel fuel, diesel fuel is common seen, very convenient to buy, the cost also can be accepted by many people. 

Diesel generator set is limited in volume and easy to handle in daily use. In generally, we use forklift truck to handle. If some construction sites need to use diesel generators, this is also convenient to carry. Just find a car and pull it away directly. Wind power generator set is bigger, after finishing installation, if we want to handle, it is more difficult.In the process of transfer, there will be a lot of constraints. In the mainland cities, this kind of wind generator set can not be used by everyone. 

So if you need a generator for standby or emergency use, between wind-driven generator set and diesel generator set, it is more reasonable to choose diesel generator set.  

 400kW diesel generator

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