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Starlight TFW Generator Maintenance And Overhaul

Jan. 03, 2020

This is the last part of Starlight TFW Series generator - Maintenance and overhaul. Regular maintenance will keep the machine run well. Meanwhile, it is also beneficial to prolong the alternator service’s life.

1. Maintenance.
a. Generator should be installed in the dry, clean, ventilating place, and to prevent the direct contact of wind driven dirt, rain, snow and sunlight.
b. Take note of the ventilation and heating of generator at times, and the current and voltage don't exceed the rating data.
c. The generator should not be operated at the place that full of water vapor,dust and flammable gas.
d. In general, maintenance intervals will depend upon operating conditions. Routine overhaul should be made frequently.

2. Major overhaul
a. Measure insulating resistance with 500V Meg-ohm meter. If the reading is less than 2MΩ, the generator should be dried. (Must disconnect AVR with generator during measuring).
b. Replace the grease in bearing housing, and clean the surface of two shield bearing or replace the bearing.
c. Clean the interior of generator by blowing, and take care of the all junctions.
d. Inspect all living parts, and make sure joint nut tight and contact well.

3. Overhaul attention.
a. Take care of the disassemble parts, and avoid to bump each other or missing.
d. Disassemble bearing and bearing cap should be covered by clean paper to prevent dirt, and replace the dirty grease.
e. After the generator reassembled, rotate the rotor slowly, ensure there are not abnormal sound and halt.
f. The bracket screws should be driven crosswise, can't drive the screws one by one.

synchronous generators

VIII. Paralleling operation.
Sx440 voltage regulator may be supplied for paralleling operation, if necessary, customer must take note of it in order. Consult with the factory for further information relative to parallel operations.

Solid state electronic control devices which utilize thyristor or SCR firing circuit its (such as variable frequency induction motor control precision motor speed control, no break powered battery charges etc.) may introduce high frequency harmonics which adversely affect, or totally distort the normal wave form of generator. This creates additional heat in the generator winding and may cause the generator to overheat. Problems which can occur are not limited to the generator, poor wave shape may adversely effect the thyristor devices, the equipment they power, and any other connected load. Please contact the factory for application assistance.

X. Notice:
1. AVR. wiring can't be connected wrong. The terminal '2' and '3" are connected to the tap "U3" and 'W3" of generator winding. It is used for 200 volt, if used for 400 volt , the AVR. would be damaged.
2. The terminal "1" and "2" of AVR. should be shorted with jumper wire. If the external potentiometer is used for remote adjusting voltage, the potentiometer would be connected to the "6" and "7". Or the AVR. may be damaged without connecting.
3. Boost exciting must use the "12V" battery , and the generator must be stopped. Using "24W" battery or boosting the excitation in rotating, the AVR would be damaged.

4. The generator runs at "50 Hz" or "60Hz", should ensure the wiring right, or maybe affect AVR working.
5. Before shut down the generating set, first turn off the output switch, then speed down the engine.
6. Take care of the contact of the plug and sockets, ensure them close contacting each other.
7. If the generator can't built up, first of all, look for the causes, such as: fuse; wiring; residue voltage, etc. Please don't adjust the potentiometer and boosting excitation before known the causes.
8. If the engine runs at idle speed, please don't adjust the potentiometer and boost excitation.
9. Adjusting the voltage and stability potentiometer, please use small screw-driver and rotate slowly.

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