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How to Install Daily Fuel Tank of Diesel Generator Correctly

Sep. 20, 2019

Diesel generator set as a power generation equipment, diesel fuel is the most needed fuel, if the genset needs daily fuel tank, when installing diesel generators, we should install it correctly.


In hydraulic system, daily fuel tank not only can store fuel, but also plays the role of heat dissipation, separation of bubbles and precipitation of impurities in oil etc. There are many accessories installed in the tank, such as cooler, heater, air filter and level gauge etc.

 Diesel fuel tank

Before we use diesel power generators, installation and connection should be carried out, installation site should be well ventilated, generator end should have enough air intake, diesel generator end should have good air outlet, so what matters should be paid attention to for daily fuel tank installation?


1.We should select a suitable location, the location needs to be safe and fire-proof, and should be placed in a visible place, properly far from the location of the diesel generator set and smoking is strictly prohibited.

2.Special fuel tank base must be built in the tank compartment, so that the tank can be placed on it alone and the interior needs to be filled. Paving the floor with fist-sized pebbles and filling the cracks with yellow sand, which can prevent the diesel oil leaking into the sandstone when diesel oil leakage appears in the machine room. Even if fire is currently generated, it will not burn, because it has passed through yellow sand.

3.We need to do a good job of fire control measures in the machine room, also need to equip fire extinguishers, gas masks and other items, to ensure that when such a failure occurs, it will not cause harm to our personal safety.

4.After placed day tank, the max. oil level can not be 2.5 meters higher than the base of the diesel generator set. If the oil level of the large oil depot is higher than 2.5 meters, the daily fuel tank should be added between the large oil depot and the diesel generator set, so that the pressure of direct fuel delivery is not more than 2.5 meters. Even during the shutdown of diesel generating sets, fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine by gravity through the intake or injection lines.

5.The position of fuel supply pipe end should be higher than about 50mm at the bottom of fuel tank of diesel generator set to prevent sediment and water from being sucked into the fuel supply pipe.

6.The connection of fuel return pipeline should not cause shock wave in the fuel pipeline of diesel generating sets.

7.In order to reduce the heat exchange of diesel power generators, there should be a perforated baffle in the oil supply and return areas of the tank.

8.The resistance at the oil outlet shall not exceed the specified values the for the use of clean filter elements specified in the performance data sheet of all diesel generating sets. This resistance value is based on half of the fuel in the fuel tank.


In order to make better use of diesel generators and improve the efficiency of generators, the reasonable placement of daily fuel tanks plays an important role. Therefore, we should not ignore it in the installation process, but pay more attention to it.

Ricardo generators 

It is suggested to purchase an electric fuel pump which is controlled by liquid level switch to start and refuel the daily fuel tank.

1.Daily fuel tanks cannot be made of galvanized iron products, because diesel oil reacts with them chemically.

2.We suggest that besides the automatic refueling system, a hand pump should be installed to facilitate the extraction of fuel from the tank.

3.Ventilation pipes for daily fuel tanks should be designed at the highest point of the system. Their dimensions should at least match those of oil supply pipes. Dust-proof devices should also be installed.

4.The spilled fuel can be discharged directly back to the tank.

5.When the daily fuel tank is below the level of the storage tank, a solenoid valve should be installed in the pipeline instead of an oil pump.

6.Soft pipe throat should be used in connection with diesel genset to avoid vibration transmission.

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