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Instructions for Water and Oil Leakage in Diesel Generator

Oct. 18, 2019

In the process of using diesel generator set, soft rubber pipe is easy to rub with the parts around it, and it is easy to wear and tear oil leakage in the long run. However, most of the fuel supply system of diesel generator set uses soft rubber tube, so it is not easy to find the oil leakage point. Below are instructions provided by Starlight Power small make up to teach you a few diesel generator unit pipeline leak spot check method.


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Method one: exhaust the air from the diesel generator unit, then start the unit to find out the leak point.


Method two: release the gas screw of the unit injection pump and release the oil from the hand oil pump. If it is found that the discharge screw starts to discharge a large amount of bubble oil, and the bubble still does not disappear after the repeated hand pump, it can be determined that there is a leak point in the low pressure oil pipeline from the oil tank to the oil pump section. The pipeline should be removed, pressure gas and placed in water, to find out where the bubble is the leak point.


In addition to the pipeline problems of diesel generator sets, various washers at the pipe joints will also have leakage points due to improper installation, deformation, aging and breakage. Starlight warm Tip: in the pipeline before the detailed inspection, the first to these nodes to check.


Users in the use of diesel generator sets, occasionally will encounter the phenomenon of oil leakage, so how to deal with it? Below by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd small weave to introduce the oil leakage treatment method of common part of diesel generator set.



1. Sticking and filling glue to cure leakage. Small leakage caused by oil tank, water tank, tubing, pipe or sandhole. Use gluing glue to smear in a clean comminuted place.

2. The size recovery glue is used to cure the leakage. When the shaft and sleeve of diesel engine, bearing and bearing seat, valve and valve cuff, self-tightening oil seal, packing and so on leak, the size recovery glue can be smeared on the worn part of clean common parts, and the film layer with wear-resistant and high mechanical strength can be formed after curing.

3. Anaerobic glue for treatment of leakage. Apply anaerobic glue to clean bolt thread or screw hole when leakage of ventilator bolt, double head bolt and so on generator set. The method can quickly solidify the film and fill the air gap of the parts, and this method is better for treating leakage of high pressure oil pipe joint of diesel engine.

4. The method of drainage is used to cure the leakage. When the bottom shell, cylinder head, gear chamber cover and crankcase back cover of diesel generator set leak, if the paper pad is clean and the joint surface is clean, a layer of butter can be applied on both sides of the paper pad. Tighten bolt to prevent leakage; if new paper pad, soak the new paper pad in diesel oil for 10 minutes, remove and wipe clean, put a layer of butter on the joint surface and then put it on.

5. Add pad to cure leakage. Oil pipe joint leakage gasket in diesel unit oil leakage, can be on both sides of the leakage gasket with a layer of smooth thin plastic pad, tightening to prevent leakage.


In the work, the fan blade breaks or tilts, breaks the radiator water pipe, the radiator is not fixed firmly on the support, receives the bigger vibration in the work, causes the radiator to be damaged, in winter, the radiator pipe is frozen and cracked because of the water storage; The impurity in cooling water forms scale in the radiator pipe, which causes the corrosion and rupture of the pipe wall, which is the main reason for the leakage of the radiator.


1. check up


Generally speaking, the radiator after cleaning, and then carry out leakage inspection. When checking, there are two ways:


① The radiator enters, the outlet is blocked, a joint is installed from the overflow pipe or the drain plug, the 0.05~0.30kgf/cm2 compressed air is penetrated, and the radiator is placed in the pool. If there is a bubble, it is a leak.

② Check with the method of irrigation, plug the inlet and outlet of the radiator, fill up the water from the inlet and outlet of the radiator, observe whether the water is leaking or not. In order to find the small cracks, you can apply certain pressure to the radiator or make the radiator vibrate slightly. Then carefully observe, there is water seepage from the leak.



2. Revamp



After checking the leakage point, the method of welding repair is usually used. Before welding, wipe the oil in the welding place, then scratch out the new metal layer with the scraper, then heat the soldering iron properly, soak it in the zinc oxide solution, and then stick the solder to the solder. After bonding, straighten the weld and wash the zinc oxide around the weld with hot water to prevent corrosion.


When the water chamber does not leak, can be repaired directly with solder, such as large leakage, with copper welding repair. A layer of solder is applied on one side of the copper coating and the broken place during the welding process. The copper coat is placed in the leakage place and then heated with the soldering iron to melt the solder and weld the surrounding solder firmly.


If the outer pipe of the radiator is ruptured and the crack is small, the radiator near the pipe may be torn off with a few nips and welded directly with solder. If the break is very large or the middle water pipe is leaking, according to the concrete situation, the method of sticking pipe, blocking pipe, connecting pipe and changing pipe should be adopted separately. However, the number of pipe clamping and plugging shall not exceed 10 of the total pipe, lest the radiator's heat dissipation effect be affected.


If the middle water pipe of the radiator is broken, it is necessary to remove the water chamber with spray lamp flame, then weld the broken leakage pipe at both ends of the pipe, and then weld the water chamber over it.

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