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What Should Pay Attention to When Using Diesel Genset in Plateau Area?

May. 23, 2017

Due to the low pressure, thin air, and less oxygen content of the plateau area, especially for the naturally aspirated diesel generator set, the combustion condition is poor because of the insufficient air intake, which cause the diesel generator set can't send the original nominal power. Although the basic structure of diesel genset is the same , the working ability is different because the calibration power of each type of diesel generator set is different. Then what should pay attention to in the process of using diesel generating set in plateau areas?

For example, 6135Q -1type diesel engine, its nominal power is 161.8KW/2200r/min. Due to the calibration power is large, the performance margin is very small, as long as the use of diesel engine on the plateau is increased by 1000m, the power will be reduced by about 12%. According to the local elevation, it is necessary to reduce the oil supply properly. However, for the 6135K-11 type diesel engine, its nominal power is 117.7KW/220r/min. Such type of diesel engine is suitable to be used on the plateau because it has a sufficient performance margin. 

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Considering the tendency of ignition delay under the environmental conditions of plateau area, in order to improve the operating economy of diesel generator set, the naturally aspirated diesel engine fuel supply advance angle should be appropriately advanced. Due  to the elevation, power dropping  and exhaust temperature rise, so in the selection of diesel generating sets should also consider the diesel engine woking ability in plateau area, and strictly avoid overload operation. According to the test for many years, it is proved that the method of adopting exhaust turbocharging can be used as power compensation for the diesel generator sets used in plateau area . Exhaust turbocharging can not only make up for plateau underpower, but also improve the smoke color, restore power performance and reduce the fuel consumption rate.

With the increase of altitude, the environment temperature is lower than that in plain area. In general, by increasing 1000m, the ambient temperature will drop about 0.6℃. Due to the rarefied air on the plateau, the starting performance of diesel generator set is worse than that of plain area. So when user use the gensets, the corresponding auxiliary starting measures should be taken with low temperature starting.

Due to the rising of elevation, the boiling point of water is reduced, meanwhile, the air pressure and quality of the cooling air is reduced, as well as the increase of heat dissipating capacity per KW in unit time, the cooling condition of the cooling system is poor than that of the plain. Generally, it is not appropriate to adopt the open cooling cycle at high altitude. However, the pressurized closed cooling system can be used to increase the boiling point of the coolant liquid in plateau.

The notes mentioned above are shared by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. Hope it is useful for all users. Our company is the leading manufacturer of alternator and diesel generator in China. So far, Starlight  has already established 64 sale and service departments all over the country. At any time, we can provide customers with design, supply, debugging, and maintenance one-stop service.

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