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Why Is Lubrication System of 600kW Generator Set Polluted?

Jan. 03, 2020

During the operation of 600kw diesel generator set, we should know the causes of pollution to the lubrication system. Then find out the ways to prevent pollution.


The pollutants in the lubricating system of diesel generator set include dust and impurity particles, carbon, water, fuel oil, oil oxide and acid accumulation. So we need to filter and replace the lubricating oil regularly.


What causes lubrication system pollution in 600kw diesel generator set?

1.Air pollution.

Dust and impurities in the air can enter the engine through various ways from the outside. For example, when the air filter is damaged and not repaired and replaced in time.

2.Carbon pollution.

Many carbon and carbon black particles are not completely burned in the combustion process, and they enter the crankcase and pollute the lubricating oil.

3.Gas channeling pollution.

When there is displacement between the crankshaft and the bearing, the oil in the inner layer slides against each other to reduce friction, but the fuel and soot enter the crankcase through the piston ring. This process is also called channeling gas. Besides, if the carbon and ash particles remain in the oil, the life of the engine may decrease dramatically. Therefore, the oil must be filtered to remove the particles.

4.Cooling water pollution.

Cooling water can pollute diesel engine. Due to leakage of cooling system or water vapor,  lubricating oil can be polluted. Water vapor is a byproduct of combustion. During the process of channeling gas, driving water vapor into crankcase, it will cool and condense into a liquid. Water vapor can also enter the crankcase through various ways. For example, the moisture in the air, when the outside air flows into the crankcase, the moisture in the air condenses into a liquid, which causes the water in the crankcase to mix with the engine oil to produce the problem of sludge and acid. When the oil is thickened by mixing with water and other pollutants, sludge is produced.

600kw generator set

5.Fuel pollution.

When unburned or partially burned fuel enters the crankcase, the performance of the engine oil will be seriously affected. Here are factors that can cause fuel to enter the crankcase: abnormal operation of the fuel system (rich mixture); injector and pressure regulator not working properly; poor combustion; excessive wear of piston rings etc. In diesel engines, fuel injection failure and engine component wear can produce the same situation.


When the fuel content is more than 5% for gasoline and 7% for diesel oil, it will rapidly cause engine wear and oil quality deterioration. 5% fuel pollution will change the quality of the oil and make the oil thinning. It rarely sticks to moving parts, which reduces the lubricating ability of the oil.


When there is 1% - 3% fuel dilution oil, the SAE viscosity of the oil is about 30. However, when more fuel is added to the engine oil and the dilution percentage is about 10%, the viscosity of SAE will drop to 8-10. Viscosity reduction makes the oil thinner, and reduces the ability of lubrication, cooling, cleaning and sealing.

6.Oil oxidation.

Engine oil oxidation occurs during normal operation of generator set. This is the normal process or by-product of combustion, resulting in producing acid in the crankcase. This process will make engine oil having very high acidity. Enhanced oil oxidation due to certain types of metals used in the engine. In fact, a metal acts as a catalyst, a medium to accelerate the process, which promotes further oxidation, thus increasing more corrosive acids in the engine oil. The increase of oil temperature and water in crankcase also enhance the oxidation of oil. Once the oil oxidation process begins, it will gradually get worse because it is self accelerating.

7.Acid in engine.

Some organic acids are highly corrosive. Other organic acids form gum and paint in the engine crankcase. If not change oil regularly, some bearing metals will be eroded by organic acids. The acid in the oil causes pitting on the metal surface, which eventually leads to component failure. If  happens this situation, the friction between the crankshaft and the connecting rod bearings will increase. Extra friction often leads to premature bearing wear.


After we learn above information, we will know how to maintain the lubrication system of 600kw diesel generator set to prevent failure. Starlight Power is a manufacture of diesel generator set in China, if you are interested, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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