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Construction of Lubrication System in Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 13, 2018

The task of the lubrication system of diesel generator set is to lubricate the clean and lubricate oil at a certain pressure to form a certain oil film layer between the two friction surfaces in order to avoid dry friction and reduce friction resistance, reducing mechanical wear and power consumption, thereby improving the reliability and durability of diesel engine. In this article, we take 135 series diesel engine lubrication system as an example to illustrate the composition of the lubrication system.

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This machine adopts the oil bottom shell compound lubrication way. Friction of main moving parts such as main bearing, connecting rod bearing, camshaft bearing and timing gear are lubricated with forced pressure oil. Other parts such as piston, gear train, fuel injection pump cam and governor are lubricated by splash. Oil injection pump and Governor need separate lubricating oil. In addition, the water pump, fan and front support are lubricated with grease. Its lubrication system mainly includes: oil pan, oil pump, coarse filter, cooler, main oil channel, injection valve, safety valve and pressure regulating valve.


The engine oil is added to the diesel engine oil pan by the side of the body (or cylinder hood). Oil goes through the oil filter suction machine oil pump, pump outlet and the body's oil intake line. The lubrication oil enters the oil inlet pipeline and firstly goes to the base of the coarse filter, which is divided into two paths. Part of the oil goes to the fine filter, then filters again to improve its cleanliness, and then flows back to the oil pan. However, most of the oil was cooled by the oil cooler and entered the main oil channel, which was then divided into the following routes:


1. The injection valve injects oil into the inner cavity of the piston top of each cylinder to cool the piston and lubricate the piston pin, the piston pin hole and the small head bushing of the connecting rod, and at the same time lubricate the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder sleeve.


2. The oil enters the main bearing, the connecting rod bearing and the camshaft bearing, after lubricating each journal, returns to the oil bottom shell.

3. From the main oil path through the body vertical oil channel to the cylinder head, lubricating valve rocker arm mechanism through the cylinder head push rod hole flow back to the engine oil pan.

4. Injection valve through the gear chamber into the gear system, and then flow back to the oil pan.


The engine oil pump is equipped with a pressure limiting valve to control the oil pressure of the main oil channel and make the diesel engine work normally. In the whole lubricating system of diesel engine, the oil pan is used as the container of oil storage and collection, and two engine oil pumps are used to realize the oil circulation.


Maintenance of Lubrication system of Diesel generating set should pay attention to the following aspects:

I Select the right oil

Generally speaking, each diesel engine specification specifies the type of lubricating oil used by the machine. If you can't buy the lubricating oil specified in the specification, you can choose the same brand of lubricating oil. Do not mix the different grades of lubricating oil.


II Check the quality of oil regularly during use

1. Check the mechanical impurities in the engine oil while heating, pull out the oil ruler to check, if there are small particles on the ruler or can not see the line on the oil ruler, it is indicated that excessive impurities in the oil should be replaced and the oil filter should be cleaned.

2. Check oil viscosity, the commonly used is to put the oil on the fingers twisting rub, if there is a sticky feeling, and elongated phenomenon, indicating that oil viscosity is appropriate, otherwise, oil viscosity is not enough. The exact method of checking is measured with a viscometer.


III Oil quantity should be suitable.

Check the oil level before each boot to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range. When the oil level is too low, it is easy to burn the tile and pull the cylinder. Oil should be added in time. The oil level is within the prescribed range. When the oil level is too high, it will easily cause oil into the cylinder, combustion chamber carbon, piston ring bonding, exhaust blue smoke. Check oil for water and fuel leaks, find out why, remove and replace oil.


IV Oil pressure adjusted properly

Each diesel engine has its own set oil pressure, when starting to rated speed or medium speed, the oil pressure should rise to the specified value within one minute, otherwise we should find out the reason, 4105, 4135 and other generators have pressure screw, counterclockwise rotation, oil pressure drop, clockwise rotation, oil pressure rise.


V Regular cleaning of lubrication systems and replacement of oil


1. Oil filters are cleaned regularly; oil basins and oil lanes are generally replaced with oil.

2. Cleaning method

In order to remove impurities in the oil basin, oil channel and oil filter as much as possible, the oil mixture (15%-20% kerosene or diesel oil: oil = 9:1) should be replaced in the oil basin. The amount of oil should be 60%-70% of the lubrication system capacity, so that the diesel engine can run at low speed for 5-8 minutes (oil pressure is 0.5 kgf/cm2). Above), stop the machine, put out the mixed oil, clean the oil filter, filter screen, oil radiator and crankcase, add new oil.


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