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Why Does 1000KVA Diesel Generator Suddenly Shutdown?

Aug. 15, 2020

There are many reasons for the sudden shutdown of 1000KVA diesel generator when normally working. It may be that the speed suddenly drops to idle speed at rated speed and then stops automatically; operating at rated speed, and the speed suddenly changes from high to low, and then stops automatically; the speed gradually decreases until it stops.


Today Starlight Power generator manufacturer mainly talks about the reasons and solutions for the sudden shutdown of 1000kva diesel generators.


The following phenomena may be the reasons of the sudden shutdown of the diesel generator set:


(1) The valve is stuck.

(2) The crankshaft is locked with the bearing bush.

(3) The main bearing cap is broken or the crankshaft is broken.

(4) The transmission shaft of high pressure oil pump is stuck.

(5) The fuel supply system has air leakage, oil leakage or some oil pipeline blockage.

(6) The front gear transmission mechanism of diesel generator is bitten.

 1000kva diesel generators

How to eliminate this kind of phenomenon?

First of all, we should know a range of diesel generator set failure, and basically determine which parts or systems are faulty before disassembly. The parts that are easy to be disassembled should be started from the following four aspects:


(1) The technical inspection of the high-pressure oil pump assembly shows that there is no oil in the high-pressure oil pump and governor, and the diesel generator set is actually in dry friction during operation. In this way, it is easy to cause governor failure, make the diesel generator set "runaway", increase the mechanical wear inside the high-pressure oil pump assembly, and shorten the service life of the high-pressure oil pump assembly.


The correct maintenance method is: the diesel generator set should be checked before each start-up to keep a certain amount of oil in the high-pressure oil pump assembly.


(2)Take down the side cover plate of the engine block and observe whether the diesel generator set is holding the bush. If no abnormality is found. Remove the diesel engine valve cover, check the valve working condition, if not found abnormal. Then the fault range can be divided into two aspects: the high-pressure oil pump drive shaft is stuck and the front-end gear transmission mechanism of diesel engine is bitten, and the removal of these two kinds of faults should start from the parts that are easy to be disassembled.


(3)After removing the high-pressure oil pump assembly, check whether the transmission shaft of the high-pressure oil pump is stuck; pry the flywheel of the diesel engine again with a flat screwdriver to observe whether the flywheel can rotate. If it is found that the flywheel of diesel engine can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, it indicates that the fault is inside the high-pressure oil pump assembly.


(4)The high-pressure oil pump assembly was disassembled on the special test bench, and rolling key was found on the transmission shaft. After replacing the woodruff key, the oil pump assembly trouble shooting. If after assembly, adjustment and preparation, start the diesel engine for inspection, and then observe that the diesel engine speed is stable and there is no shutdown phenomenon, then the above fault is eliminated.

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