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What is Controller of 528kW Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 22, 2022

The controller of 528kW diesel generator set is the control device of the diesel generator set. As a diesel generator set that provides electric energy, it is required to be able to work automatically to meet the requirements of the development of modern communication network. At present, the controller can detect and display the electrical physical quantities of the generator set, control operations such as the starting, running, stopping and emergency stopping of the engine, power supply and load detection and switching, unit protection, fault diagnosis, remote communication, telemetering, remote control, etc. have increased the reliability of diesel generator set operation and the convenience of man-machine communication. Now Jiangsu Starlight introduces the relevant commissioning steps of the controller.


1. Preparation for commissioning: the control is in cold state, and the wiring is confirmed to be correct. The DC power supply must be connected to the battery through the fuse, and the polarity must be correct. The emergency stop button is connected to the positive pole of the DC power supply through the external normally closed switch.

 Volvo 528kw generator

2. Disconnect the fuel valve to prevent the engine from starting. After visual inspection, connect the battery, set it to the manual position, and press the start button to start the unit. After a predetermined number of turns, the LCD displays shutdown/startup failure. Press the shutdown/reset button to reset the controller.


3. Start the unit manually according to the power supply of the fuel valve. Under normal circumstances, the unit should be started, and the starting motor should be powered off immediately after starting. If the engine does not land, check whether it meets the operating requirements, whether the fuel system and fuel shut-off valve work, etc. The engine should reach normal speed. If it cannot reach the normal speed, there will be an alarm signal. Check the cause of the fault alarm, and then check the input circuit until the problem is solved, shut down 528kW diesel generator after normal operation.


4. When the switch is set to the automatic position, the engine will run for a predetermined cooling load shedding cycle, then stop and enter the standby starting state.


5. When sending a remote start signal, the unit shall start and automatically connect the load.


6. Cut off the remote start signal and start the reset procedure. After a predetermined period, the generator set will unload. The generator set will cool down the generating unit according to the predetermined time, then the engine will shut down and return to the standby state.


The diesel generator set controller is the core of the generator, which is equivalent to a human brain. We hope the introduction of the above debugging steps will help you. The diesel generator set of Jiangsu Starlight is equipped with controllers such as SmartGen controller, deep-sea controller and other controllers. The genset controllers of different models can perform different functions, and users can choose according to the requirements of non use. If you have purchase plan of controller or diesel generator set, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com or add our WeChat +8613481024441. 

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