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The Requirements of 200KW Electric Generators Bearing

Jun. 20, 2020


As we know, bearing is an important part of diesel generator set and has a huge influence on the service life of diesel generator set, so what is the requirements of 200KW electric generator bearing? Starlight Power generator manufacturer answers for you.


1.Bearing ring gear

Because of low transmission accuracy of the bearing, the ring gear diameter and the gear moduleis bigger, the accuracy level of the gear is generally required to be 9 or 10 in GB/T10095.2-2001. 

However, due to the influence between the pinion and the bearing ring gear in the working state, the tooth surface of the bearing ring gear should be hardened, and the hardness of the pinion tooth surface is generally 60 HRC. Considering the equal life design, the hardening hardness of the gear tooth surface of the large gear is specified as no less than 45 HRC.

 Diesel generator


Yaw and pitch bearings have special requirements on clearance. Compared with the yaw bearing, the impact load of the pitch bearing is relatively large, and the vibration is also large when the wind blows on the blade. Therefore, the clearance of the pitch bearing is required to be zero clearance or slightly negative clearance, so that the fretting wear of the bearing can be reduced under the condition of vibration.


The yaw bearing is required to have a small clearance value, i.e. 0-501m. In addition, since the yaw and pitch bearing of the wind turbine are driven by the driving motor, the bearing shall ensure the driving motor can drive under the condition of negative or small clearance, so the bearing needs to measure the starting friction torque without load after assembly, and the specific torque value varies according to the different driving system of the host machine.


3.Anti corrosion treatment

The wind turbine equipment works in the field, and part of the yaw and pitch bearings are exposed to the outside, which will be polluted by the atmosphere, and the high humidity environment will also corrode the bearing matrix. Therefore, the exposed parts of the yaw and pitch bearings require the surface anti-corrosion treatment, generally galvanized treatment. Paint protection on the outside of the zinc coating as required.


4.Low temperature impact energy

The standard requirements for low temperature impact energy of bearing rings of yaw and pitch turntable: Akv at 20 ℃ shall not be less than 27j, and the Akv value under cold state can be determined through consultation with the user. The wind turbine may work in extremely cold areas. The ambient temperature is as low as about 40 bar. The working temperature of the bearing is about 20. The bearing must be able to bear large impact load under low temperature conditions. 

Therefore, it is required that the material of the bearing ring must be subject to low temperature impact power test after the tempering treatment. Take part of the bearing ring to make samples or have the same performance and phase with the ring For the samples under the same heat treatment condition, the impact energy test shall be conducted under the environment of ±0.


The above is the bearing standard of the diesel generator set. Only by meeting the above standards can the operation of the diesel engine generator be better guaranteed and the service life of the generator set be prolonged. 


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