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Solutions for Perkins Generator Frequency Lower Than 50Hz

Sep. 20, 2019

Diesel power generators rated frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. When the frequency is lower than 50Hz, what we should do to solve the problem? Today Starlight manufacturer talks to you.


Normally 100kw Perkins diesel generator frequency is 50 Hz, but after it starting, the generation frequency is lower than 50Hz, what is the problem? It seems to be a problem in the control system, but after careful inspection, it is not difficult to find that the problem is caused by the failure of the fuel system or machinery. When the speed does not reach the rated speed, the frequency of the genset will be lower than 50Hz.

Perkins diesel generator


Find the key to the problem, in order to really solve the problem, how to sort out all parts of the problem?

1.Check the working situation of cylinder. After running speed of diesel generator is about 700r/min, check the temperature of exhaust pipes of each cylinder by hand. If the temperature of cylinder is different from others, it is a problem of cylinder. If the temperature of cylinder is the same, it is not a problem of cylinder.


2.Check diesel oil pressure. First, remove the oil outlet pipe of the oil pump, block the oil outlet hole with one hand, and press the handle of the oil pump repeatedly with the other hand to observe whether the oil pressure is normal.


3.Check high pressure oil pump. Remove the side cover plate of the high-pressure oil pump, run the diesel generator set, then carefully observe whether there is any leakage of diesel oil between the high-pressure oil pump and the pump body. If there is oil leakage, it shows that the clearance between the plunger and the plunger sleeve of the oil pump channels oil, which leads to insufficient oil supply in the low-pressure oil pipeline, power decline. So the speed can't reach the rated speed.


4.Check whether there is impurity or not. Check the filter screen of the oil pump after 100kw Perkins diesel generator shout down. If there is no impurity, the operation will be normal.


5.Check replacement. After replacing the new oil pump, start the diesel generator and observe whether the tachometer is displayed at 1500r/min after the speed is raised to the standard speed. After exciter excitation, the frequency of the generator set will be displayed at 50.5Hz, at time, if reduce the speed, the frequency will be displayed at 50Hz. Then the diesel generator set will be able to operate normally.


When there is problem in diesel generator, if you do not have technology and knowledge in generator faults, it is better not to disassemble the generator set by yourself, must operate under professional engineers.

In order to let our generator set run better, maintenance is also important.

Recently generator enterprises put forward new ideas for daily maintenance: taking preventive test as the center, replacing parts, overhauling or replacing three filters should be based on full load test machine. In order to discover the potential safety hazards of gensets in operation, preventive test refers to the periodic full-load test of gensets that have been put into operation in accordance with the specified test conditions, test items and test cycles, It can simulate the real situation of power failure and provide objective basis.


New methods of daily maintenance:

Inspection of four leakages, surface, starting battery, oil and fuel of diesel Generator Set.

No load monthly, the time of no load can not over 5 minutes.

Full-load test of diesel generating sets and power mutation test.

Replace the three filters according to the running time of the diesel generator.

Clean and improve the environment of generator room

After replacement of spare parts and the three filters, or overhaul, the full-load test machine must be judged.


Benefits of full-load test:

It can correct the nominal power of the genset, keep abreast of the actual situation of the diesel genset at any time, so that customers can have a good idea of the operation and use electricity safely.

Obtain the performance indicators of the genset, judge the real reason of the performance decline, provide scientific basis for replacing the three filters, and reduce maintenance costs.

To judge whether the expected purpose can be achieved after overhaul

Long-term full-load test can effectively remove coke deposit, prolong diesel genset overhaul time and save cost.

Provides the basis for the abandonment time of 100kw Perkins diesel generator, and enables customers to rationally arrange the use of units.

Preventive experiment is an important measure to judge whether the equipment can continue to be put into operation and ensure safe operation. It is also an important link in the operation and maintenance of electric power equipment. It is also a necessary measure to ensure the safety of users, giving priority to prevention and reducing costs.

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