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Is Fuel Consumption Proportional to Load on 640KW Generator Set

Sep. 08, 2020

640kw diesel generator manufacturer will answer for you.

For person who use diesel generator, at some time, the purchased cost is less than usage cost, especially fuel consumption. Therefore, it is important key to save diesel fuel.


Base on the cognition of car diesel engine, many people think the fuel consumption of the generator set is in direct proportion to the load, and the greater the load, the more fuel is consumed. But is that really the case? Usually, fuel consumption of generator set is related to two aspects: one is the fuel consumption rate of the unit itself, which is usually unable to have a greater change; the other is the size of the load. For the purpose of fuel saving, many people control the load within the standard range of rated load, but the fuel consumption is still not ideal, why?

diesel generator set

What is relationship between fuel consumption and load on diesel generator set?

In normal situation, when brand and engine model of diesel generator is same, the greater the load, the more fuel is consumed. Otherwise, the smaller the load, the less fuel is consumed. However, in special situation, it has to be another matter.


The common operation is that when the load of the diesel generator set is 80% of the rated load, the fuel consumption is the lowest. If the load of the diesel generator set is 80% of the rated load, one liter of fuel will generate 3.5 kwh electricity. If the load progresses, the fuel consumption will increase. This is what people often say that the fuel consumption of diesel generator set is directly proportional to the load. But if the load is lower than 20%, the diesel generator set will be affected, not only the fuel consumption of the unit will be greatly improved, but also the generator set will be damaged.


Therefore, it is not absolute that fuel consumption and load are positive. If you want to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generator set, you can make the unit operate at about 80% of the rated load. If you operate at low load(lower than 50%) for a long time, the fuel consumption will increase and even damage the unit.


The long-term operation of diesel generator set under 50% load will cause the following harms:

1) The unit is easy to deposit carbon

2) High failure rate of unit

3) Unit overhaul will be advanced

4) Oil consumption increases.


So, it is very important to correctly treat the relationship between fuel consumption and load of diesel generator set.


Which four aspects will mainly affect fuel consumption of generator?

1.Pressure inside the high pressure fuel pomp. The better the sealing, the greater the pressure, which will save fuel. If fuel pump is with low pressure and poor sealing, will make the effective stroke of the high-pressure fuel pump larger when it is working, and the fuel consumption is large due to insufficient diesel combustion.

2.Atomization of fuel injector. The better atomization, the smaller fuel injection hole, which will save fuel. When the nozzle is wear, its seal will be not good, and the fuel injection will be linear, which is obviously more than that of atomization. When the diesel fuel enters the engine, it will be discharged before combustion, so the fuel consumption is large.

3.Air pressure inside diesel engine cylinder. If cylinder pressure is low, the valve is poor, the fuel consumption will be large. If the water temperature in the diesel engine is too high, the compression ratio of the engine will be reduced, and some diesel oil will be discharged through high temperature, which will lead to high fuel consumption.

4.Turbocharged diesel engine has air leakage. Pressurized air pipe has air leakage, which causes the air pressure pushed into the high-pressure oil pump too low during exhaust gas recirculation. When the throttle is increased, the fuel pump can not reach the required fuel quantity of the engine, resulting in insufficient engine power, and the fuel consumption is large if the power is not enough.( Note: this only for turbocharged diesel engine).


Here are some methods for you to save diesel oil on diesel generator set:

1.Increase the temperature of diesel engine cooling water.

2.Keep the best oil supply angle.

3.Ensure that the unit does not leak oil.

4.Diesel Oil purification before use.


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