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How Much Fuel does 300Kw Diesel Generator Consume per Hour

Oct. 16, 2019

Diesel oil is main fuel material for diesel generator, generator produces electricity by driving diesel engine. Diesel engine converts thermal energy from diesel combustion to kinetic energy, kinetic energy converts electricity from generator. There will be energy loss in each conversion process. The energy converted will always be only a part of the total energy released by combustion, and its percentage is the thermal efficiency of diesel generators.

Before buy a small type diesel generator set, many people want to know about the cost of fuel combustion, while they do not know how much fuel combustion and how to calculate fuel consumption, they usually first ask the fuel combustion. But it's hard to have a unified statement. In generally, the fuel consumption of diesel generators is related to the following two factors:

1. Fuel consumption rate. Different brands of diesel generator, its oil consumption rate is different, so its fuel consumption is different;

2. Amount of electricity load. If the load is big, fuel consumption will be high, conversely, the load is small, fuel consumption is low relatively.

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Usually, diesel generator manufacturer uses G/KW to express thermal efficiency, it means how much fuel does a generator consume 1 kilowatt hour. Then turn the gram to liter, and according to oil prices in your local place, you will know how much oil the diesel generator consumes in an hour.

Now we make a example. Before calculate, let's first calculate the diesel oil with a generator using density of 0.84g/ml, its quality is 0.84KG with liter unit. While the most common fuel consumption of diesel generator generally is 200g/kw*h, if with liter unit, it means 0.238L/kw*h mechanical loss power is about 250KW, so the result of calculation is 250KW*0.238=59L/h. The fuel consumption has a direct relation with load. If the load is big, fuel consumption will be high, the load is small, fuel consumption is low relatively. In generally, there is about 30L fuel consumption for 300KW diesel generator per hour. Many people did not calculate with this way, but if we know the situation of fuel consumption per hour, we will know how to let generator have a rest and adjust so that can economize on diesel oil.

Most generator users will consider whether to save oil and energy when choosing and purchasing high-voltage generating units. In fact, most diesel generating units are similar in energy saving, but in practice, how to make diesel generators more fuel-saving and energy-saving? There are many methods, here we will share some methods as follows:

1. Improving the temperature and quality of cooling water: low temperature will prevent diesel oil from burning thoroughly, increases oil viscosity, increases operating resistance and consume more oil. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the cooling water temperature of diesel engine;

2. Choose the appropriate fuel supply front angle: when the diesel engine is in use for a period of time, due to wear and tear, the early fuel supply angle will be reduced, then fuel supply time is delay and fuel consumption will increase greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel supply angle is at an appropriate angle;

3. Make sure that the equipment does not leak oil as far as possible: the oil pipeline of diesel engine often has cracks due to uneven joints, deformation or damage of gaskets. At this time, before use, the gaskets should be coated with valve paint and polished on the glass plate, check the oil pipeline joints;

4. When purchasing diesel generator, regular manufacturers should be selected to ensure product quality. All series of generator sets produced by Starlight Power Company meet the requirements of national energy saving and environmental protection. Welcome to purchase them;

5. Choose diesel oil that meets national standards, filter impurities in diesel oil, clean and replace filters in time. Impurities in diesel oil will affect the work of plunger and injector, resulting in uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization and other phenomena, which will increase the fuel consumption of diesel generator set;

6. Avoid overloading and allow diesel to burn adequately. Overload will cause insufficient combustion of fuel, resulting in black smoke. Regular smoking will increase consumption and shorten the service life of the equipment;

7. Regularly make a maintenance, do not let the generator work with fault;

8. Remove polymer adhering to valve, valve seat and injector in time. These coke deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.

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This is only some methods in saving diesel oil, if you need more information, or have any question, please feel free to contact us. We have a group of technicians who have decades of experience in the generator industry and can provide you with professional technical support at any time.

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