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Introduction to Cummins Gas Generator Set – Cummins Jardine Energy

Aug. 10, 2019

Cummins Jardine Solution (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., established in 2014, is a joint venture between Cummins Power and Jardine Energy, committed to providing an environmentally friendly and efficient world-class energy management system. Cummins Jardine Energy is the only domestic sales channel for Cummins gas generators.

1) 100% imported generator set

2) Applicable to natural gas and biogas

3) Provide complete turnkey engineering from design to system commissioning

Working principle of Gas Internal Combustion Generator

Four-stroke prime mover uses a gas or biogas, which is mainly composed of CH4. The fuel gas and air are mixed into the cylinder, ignition and explosion by high-voltage spark plug after compression, piston drives the crankshaft movement, crankshaft and generator is connected to drive the generator to generate electricity.

Gas and air are pre-mixed upstream of the turbocharger and enter the turbocharger, so we can use lower supply pressure in the gas internal combustion engine.

Working principle of Gas Internal Combustion Generator

Available fuel for gas internal combustion engine

a. Natural gas

b. Landfill gas

c. Biogas

d. CMM

Natural gas calorific value: 30MJ/Nm3 or higher, high methane index, high calorific value

Biogas calorific value: 30-16 MJ/Nm3, high methane index, low calorific value

Gas internal combustion generator composition

Cummins gas generator set composition

Cummins gas generator set composition

Comparison between gas generator set and traditional diesel generator set

Gas engine

Diesel engine


Pipeline gas, biogas, coalbed methane, etc.

Diesel oil

Working condition

24 hours common/prime genset

Often used as standby genset

Matching application

Waste heat recovery-refrigeration / heating / steam

Power output only

Mains supply

can be connected with the Mains power grid and access to the internet

Multi-island model


Clean emission and less particulate matter

Relatively poor emission


High energy efficiency and good economic benefits

Poor economy for long time operation

Policy support

Equipment subsidies in some areas

No subsidy

Fire power supply

Not as a fire power source

Can be used a fire power supply

Equipment   cost

High cost

Low cost


Introduction to the Application of Triple supply system of Internal Combustion engine

Cold, heat and power triple supply: Mainly for waste heat recovery of high temperature cylinder water and high temperature flue gas of gas generator set, and convert this part of waste heat into other forms of heat energy such as air conditioning cold water, hot water, saturated steam, etc through supporting equipment, so as to meet the thermal load demand. This application is mainly for users who are simultaneously demanding cold and heat, mainly distributed in cities.

Triple supply system

Diagram of combined supply of cold, heat and electricity for gas generator set

Triple supply system diagram

Application of Gas Internal Combustion Generator

According to the mode of gas internal combustion generator set and Mains supply operation, it can be divided into: island mode, and the grid is not connected to the Internet and selling electricity online.

Island mode: The generator set runs separately from the mains, and there is no connection between them.

Grid connection but have no access to the Internet: the generator set and the mains share the load, and the two are connected to the grid through the parallel cabinet, but the total load is greater than the output power of the generator set, and the generator set will not send power to the grid.

Online electricity sales: The generator set and the mains share the load. The two are connected to the grid through the parallel cabinet. The system load is less than the output power of the generator set. The excess power output from the generator set can be sent back to the grid for sale.

System efficiency and influencing factors

Single machine efficiency

System efficiency

Single machine efficiency usually refers to electrical efficiency.

System efficiency refers to the overall energy utilization rate of the system + the annual utilization rate of the system

Gas quality

Single machine efficiency of each equipment

Ambient temperature

Reasonable system plan

Environmental altitude

Multi-level utilization of energy

Load condition

Utilization rate of equipment

Work consistency

Annual running time of the system

Maintenance situation

Maintenance interval

Ventilation condition

Equipment stability

Main factors affecting system efficiency

1. Equipment selection is reasonable.

Determine the “heat by electricity/electricity by heat” mode to ensure that all energy output can be consumed.

2. The equipment is matched properly.

All parts of the system are matched to avoid the occurrence of "small match big / big match small".

3. Annual utilization rate of equipment

Ensure that the system is in a normal state to avoid idle or low power operation.

4. Equipment maintenance cycle and cost.

Long maintenance interval and overhaul period, avoid system downtime due to maintenance. The cost of maintenance also affects the use of the system.

5. Equipment stability.

The core equipment can run stably for a long time, which is the basic condition for the system operation revenue.

6. Fast after-sales service response.

Quick and perfect after-sales service reminder is an important guarantee for long-term efficient operation of the system.

Project case

Cummins Jardine provided 4 units Cummins Power C2000N5C gas generator sets as the main power source for the Hetianhe gas field in Xinjiang.

At the same time of power generation, the high-temperature flue gas of the gas generator set generates steam through the waste heat boiler for use in the surrounding living area; the high-temperature cylinder cover water meets the heating demand of the living and production areas through the plate heat exchanger.

Cummins Jardine Gas Generator Set

Providing 2 units C1160N5C and 1 unit C995N5C natural gas generator set for Qingdao Horticultural Exposition.

Cummins Jardine Gas Generator Set

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