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Introduction of Fuel Tank of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 05, 2020

Fuel tank of diesel generator set is divided into base bottom fuel tank and external fuel tank. In generally, base bottom fuel tank capacity is continuous operation for 8 hours. Today Starlight Power will introduce fuel tank of generator set.


1.Calculation of fuel tank capacity

The open type generator set below 500KW can be equipped with base bottom fuel tank as clients’ requirements. But our silent type generator set has base bottom fuel tank itself. The capacity of base bottom fuel tank depends on power capacity of generator set and its fuel consumption. For example, 500kw Cummins diesel generator set, its fuel consumption is about 209g/KW.h. Then we should know how many liters per hour: (0.209/0.85)x500KW=123L/h, then fuel tank capacity of 8 hours will be 123L/h x 8=984L.

The simplest calculation method is to multiply the power (kw) of diesel generator set by 2.1, and the figure is approximately equal to the fuel consumption in eight hours.

Genset with base bottom fuel tank


2.Advantages of base bottom fuel tank

A.The bottom fuel tank is integrated with the generator set. The overall structure is compact and beautiful.

B.Because price of bottom fuel tank is not high, it can save cost for customer.

C.It can save space of genset room.

D.Bottom fuel tank includes diesel filling port, diesel level indication and inlet and outlet of diesel oil pipe, which is very convenient for customer.


Of course, if base bottom fuel tank capacity is not enough, you can select an extra external fuel tank. Its capacity can be made as your requirement.

External fuel tank of genset

3.Installation requirements of external fuel tank

A.The storage position of fuel tank must be safe to prevent fire. The fuel tank or oil barrel should be placed separately in a visible place, and should be away from the generator properly. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

B.The fuel capacity in the tank should ensure daily supply.

C.After the fuel tank is placed well, the max. oil level shall not be 2.5 meters higher than the unit base. If the oil level of the large oil depot is higher than 2.5 meters, a daily fuel tank shall be added between the large oil depot and the unit, so that the direct oil delivery pressure is not more than 2.5 meters. Even when the diesel engine is shut down, fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine by gravity through the fuel inlet or injection lines.

D.The resistance at the oil port is not allowed to exceed the specified value of clean filter element specified in the performance data sheet of the diesel engine used. This resistance value is based on half of the fuel tank.

E.The fuel return resistance should not exceed the specification in the performance data sheet of the diesel engine used.

F.The connection of the fuel return pipe should not cause shock wave of the fuel in the fuel pipe.


4.Maintenance of fuel tank

Maintenance standard

Ensure that the oil storage in the fuel tank is more than 1/2 of the whole tank volume. Fuel tank surface should keep clean. No oil leakage or dripping is allowed at all welding joints. No impurities are allowed inside the coarse filter screen which installed on the tank inlet. The oil drain screw of outlet oil pipe, inlet oil pipe and bottom of the tank should be tightened. Whole fuel tank should be also tightened.

Maintenance tools: Cotton yarn, box spanner

Maintenance methods

A.Inspection of oil capacity. For fuel tank equipped with transparent measuring tube, we can only check by visual inspection. For fuel tank equipped with oil guage, the oil gauge can be taken out by hand for inspection. For the oil tank without measuring pipe and oil gauge, the oil tank cap shall be removed for inspection. If the oil quantity does not meet the requirements, it should be added in time.

B.Inspection method for oil leakage at welding joint. Firstly, observe whether there is oil stain under the welding part of the whole oil tank. If there is oil stain in a certain part, the welding part shall be carefully inspected. When there is oil leakage at the welding part, the oil tank shall be removed and the diesel oil inside shall be drained completely, and then the tank shall be filled with fresh water and repaired by welding.

C.Inspection of various fixing screws. First of all, observe whether there is oil stain on the oil outlet pipe, oil return pipe and oil drain screw at the bottom of the mailbox by visual method. If there is oil stain, tighten the screw with a ring wrench.

D.Clean the outside of the oil tank with cotton yarn or machine cloth.


Technical requirements

Do not use too much force to fasten all kinds of screws to prevent the oil return screw or screw thread from being damaged.

When welding the sand hole on the oil tank, the oil tank must be filled with water to prevent accidents caused by high welding temperature inside the oil tank.


Above is the introduction for fuel tank of generator set, hope it is helpful to you.


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