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How to Save Fuel for Diesel Generator Set

May. 21, 2020

Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with diesel fuel as the main fuel, which uses diesel engine as the primary power to drive the generator to generate electricity and convert kinetic energy into electric energy and heat energy. Diesel generating set is mainly composed of diesel engine, AC generator and controller.

Fuel is very important to run the diesel genset. How to save fuel for diesel generator set? This requires operator to use their gensets in a proper way and do regular maintenance. Starlight Power company will introduce the detailed operating methods as given below.

Reasonable Use of Diesel Generator Set

The generator is the same as the automobile engine, the reasonable use can reduce a certain amount of fuel consumption, it can save a lot of money in the long run, so what is the reasonable use way?

1. Proper use of diesel generator set, it is necessary to use it within the rated power first. Overload will certainly increase the operating burden of genset and reduce the service life of the equipment. Overload will not only increase fuel consumption, but also damage the generator set. With the increase of the number of use, the fuel consumption must be higher.

2. Before using the diesel genset, two layers of silk cloth can be added to the fuel tank filter of the oil supply system to increase its combustion rate by reducing the impurity of the fuel oil, thus reducing the fuel consumption, or the fuel can be precipitated for two to four days before it can be used;

3. During the operation of diesel generator set, air cooling and water cooling system are usually used to cool it, but if the temperature is too low when starting, it will lead to the decrease of oil viscosity and the equipment motion resistance, which will lead to incomplete diesel combustion. In order to achieve power generation, it is bound to increase fuel consumption. So it is necessary to heat engine during startup, or increase the temperature of cooling water, so that the machine body and oil in an efficient temperature environment start to work.

diesel generator set

Reasonable Modification

In the case of reasonable use of the equipment, the appropriate modification of the diesel generator is also one of the methods to reduce the fuel consumption. However, the modification here is carried out on the premise of not disassembling the diesel generating set, and it will not cause damage to the genset.

1. In order to further improve the cleanliness of the oil, in addition to filtering and precipitation before use, two or three layers of papers with strong adsorption can be wrapped on the filter element, so as to make the diesel fuel burning more fully.

2. The diesel generator set is driven by the diesel engine to generate electricity, so appropriately increasing the diesel engine position of the driving wheel can increase the speed of the pump, so as to increase the flow rate. Then when the generating capacity reaches the requirements, the running power of the diesel engine will be lower than the original power, fuel consumption will be much less.

3. In order to further increase the operating power of diesel generator set and reduce fuel consumption, the inertial supercharger and fuel-saving smoke reducer can be installed within the prescribed range to increase the power by 15% and reduce the fuel consumption by about 5%.

4. The diesel generator needs suction and pressurization, so adding a layer of foam plastic with good air permeability to the filter screen of the air filter can improve the air filtration effect, so that the compressed air inside the equipment has fewer impurities, which ensures the normal combustion of diesel fuel and reduces the fuel consumption.

Reasonable Maintenance

If the diesel generator set is not maintained and treated for normal wear and tear after a long period of use, it will definitely cause abnormal wear and tear, resulting in deformation and damage of the cylinder and other related components, it not only increases the fuel consumption and the equipment may be scrapped, so whether it is to save fuel or extend the life of the equipment, reasonable maintenance needs to be done.

1. Keeping the parts and shell outside the unit clean, can reduce the corrosion of the machine parts, easy to check the cracks and damage and other faults, at the same time can ensure that the strength and pressure of the pipeline is normal, the normal oil supply will not cause the increase of the fuel consumption.

2. Regularly clean the generating set, remove the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber and exhaust pipe in time, remove the dirt in the cooling channel, and pay attention to clean the dust inside the unit, so as to effectively reduce the fuel consumption and improve the running power of the diesel genset.

3. Regularly check the connection between the components of the diesel generator to ensure the connection is stable and  the gap between the internal parts is appropriate, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

4. Check and replace the triangle belt regularly, if the triangle belt is too tight, it may cause fracture, and too loose will cause the diesel engine skid idling, in order to provide the required electricity, fuel consumption must rise;

5. Regularly check and clean all parts of the unit to ensure normal operation without damage, if there is wear, timely repair or replace it, to avoid the damage to the whole equipment caused by one wear and tear.

The above method is one of the fuel-saving methods of diesel generator set oil saving method. In order to save diesel fuel, we start from reasonable use and maintenance, when there is no problem with the equipment, we should improve the equipment and adjust some parts for further fuel saving.

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