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Common Failure Types of Cylinder of Silent 350kW Generator Set

Jan. 03, 2020

What are the common failure types of cylinder of silent 350kw generator set?


Wear is the main failure type of the cylinder of diesel generator set. Whether the internal combustion engine needs to be overhauled or not depends on the wear degree of the cylinder.


Therefore, to study the causes of the cylinder wear of the generator set and grasp its wear law is not only of certain significance to test the degree of cylinder wear of the diesel generator set, but also of great importance to take effective measures in the maintenance, management and use of the internal combustion engine in order to reduce the cylinder wear and prolong the service life of diesel engine of 350kw diesel generator set.

Silent diesel generator


What is the main regularity of cylinder wear of silent 350kw diesel generator set?


1.The wear in the moving area of piston ring is larger. This kind of wear is uneven, heavy on the top and light on the bottom, making the cylinder "tapered" along the length direction. The great wear occurs when the piston is at the top dead center, and the cylinder wall opposite to the piston ring is slightly lower. Small wear occurs in the lower part of the cylinder, that is, the cylinder wall beyond the piston stroke.


2.Under the normal working condition of the cylinder block, from the plane of the cylinder, the wear along the circumference direction is also uneven, some directions wear larger, some directions wear smaller, making the cylinder cross-section out of round state. The most worn parts of cylinder cross section are near the cylinder wall opposite to the intake valve and both sides of the cylinder wall along the swing direction of the connecting rod.


3.There is almost no wear on the part not in contact with the piston. After diesel engine works for a long time, the obvious step is formed above the piston ring. This step is commonly known as "cylinder shoulder".


4.For multi cylinder engine, the wear of each cylinder is inconsistent. This is mainly caused by the fact that the working performance, cooling strength and assembly of each cylinder cannot be completely consistent.

The first and second regularity seriously affect the performance of the internal combustion engine. When the taper and out of roundness exceed a certain range, the normal fit of piston, piston ring and cylinder will be destroyed, which makes the piston ring not tightly pressed on the cylinder wall, resulting in air leakage and lubricating oil carry-over. When it is serious, "knocking" will occur, which will increase the fuel consumption of the internal combustion engine of the generator set and significantly reduce the power, so that it can not work normally, or even cause accidents.


What is another common failure type of cylinder of silent 350kw generator set?


Crack is the another common failure type. The reasons is as follows:

1.Manufacturing or material quality is not qualified, that is to say, fake and inferior products.

2.Improper operation. For example, during the operation of the diesel engine, when the water is insufficient or even the water is cut off, the diesel engine will overheat. In this situation, if cold water is added suddenly, the cylinder liner will shrink and crack. Or when the diesel engine is overloaded for a long time, the mechanical load and thermal load increase sharply, which will also cause cracks in the cylinder liner.


When the cylinder of diesel generator set cracks, it often brings serious consequences.

1.If the crack leaks and the cooling water enters the cylinder, the phenomenon of "water pad" will be produced in the cylinder, which will cause the "top cylinder" accident (the compressibility of water is very small, when it is pushed up by the piston, a lot of pressure will be generated), make bend or damage other parts of an internal combustion engine.


2.Water leaks into the crankcase and gets mixed into the engine oil, which destroys the lubricating performance of the engine oil and causes serious accidents such as shinning.


How to prevent cracks in cylinder liner of diesel generator set?

1.Manage the unit in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2.Ensure the normal cooling of the generator set, and prohibit long-term overload operation.

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