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Guidance for Discovery & Elimination of Faults of the Control System

Sep. 26, 2018

This article not only shares the guidance for discovery & elimination of faults of the generator set control system, but also introduces ATS Manual/Automatic Load Transfer and Output Circuit Switch.




Faults of the starting of the diesel engine (only applicable to manual control screen)

When the starting switch is at the START position, the diesel engine doesn’t work.

1. Check the fault indication light is on. When the fault displays on the screen the controller, it is necessary to eliminate the faults displayed on the screen and then to start the engine.

2. Check the voltage of battery on the control screen. In case of no voltage reading, check the fuse to see if the voltage has reading and the voltage is very low, the battery shall be charged with other charger. Then connect it again. (The power switch should be disconnected in case of dismantling and connecting the wiring of battery.)

Faults of the starting of the diesel engine (only applicable to the automatic control screen)

When START signal is input, the diesel engine can not be started. It will be in vain no matter the manual control switch the automatic remote control signal   is used.

1. Check all scram buttons whether it has been loosened. Provided that there is no remote control parking, check whether it has been connected (remote control parking) to the terminal end.

2. Check the control switch is “off” or not. 

3. Check the fault indication light is on. If necessary, reset it after repairing the indicated faults.

1. Check the battery voltage on the control screen. In case of no voltage, check fuse. If the voltage is low, recharge the battery with other charger and connect the machine again. The attention should be paid in case of dismantling and connecting the battery wire, the power switch should be disconnected.

6. Check the electromagnet use DC voltmeter on the starting engine is connected  to the joint and cathode of the battery. Start the START on the controller manually. If there is voltage, then the faults at the starting engine and electromagnet should be replaced; in case of no voltage, check the wiring of the control screen is loosened or short circuit.

7. In case of no faults at circuit, please check the controller.

Faults of the starting of the diesel engine (only applicable to all control screens)

The diesel engine runs but can not be started or the diesel engine is halted after   starting up for 20 seconds.

1. Check the oil level of the fuel.

2. Check the scram buttons of the control box has been already reset.

3. Check the electromagnet wiring controlled by the fuel has been provided withvoltage.

4. Check the fuel pipe and filter whether is obstructed

5. If the white smoke is available in the exhaust system, it indicates that the fuel has entered into the engine but the diesel engine is not started. Please refer to Manual for Diesel Engine for further check.

6. Provided that the external environment is low 

7. Check the engine oil pressure sensor is obstructed.

Alarming of low voltage of battery (automatic series)

The control screen displays low voltage of battery

1. Check the voltage of battery whether is 12V or 24V; 2. The voltage of battery is low when the generator is still, then it is necessary to dismantle the battery and charge the battery with charger.

3. If   the voltage of battery is low but the generator is running, it indicates that   the diesel engine driven charger doesn’t work; then it is necessary to stop the engine to check the fan belt.

4. if the fan belt is not loose, please check the charging AC diesel engine driven charger, please refer to Manual for Diesel Engine.

5. If the battery can not store the electricity, please replace the battery for a new one.

High temperature alarm of diesel engine

High water temperature alarm

1. Check whether the diesel engine is loaded;

2. Check whether the radiator and ventilation system is obstructed;

3. Check whether the surrounding ambient temperature is within the proper working design temperature appropriate for the generator;

4. If there is no problems after aforementioned checks, reduce the load and stop the engine as soon as possibly and check whether the fan belt is loose.

5. Refer to Engine Manual.

Low oil pressure alarm

Early alarming of low oil pressure

1. Stop the engine as soon as possibly to check the engine oil volume;

2. Refer to Engine Manual.

3. Once the cause is found out, eliminate the faults and press the reset button to light off the fault indication for resetting.

No voltage is generated when the generator runs

AC voltmeter shows no voltage

1. Check the selective switch of the voltmeter is at the OFF position;

2. Check fuse, generally installed at the terminal box (control box) of the AC generator;

3. Use other voltmeter to measure the terminal voltage of the alternator. If it isnormal, check the wiring from the generator to the control line. Check voltmeter, replace it for a new one if necessary.

4. Check AVR and rotating diode and refer to Alternator Manual for more detailed data.

5. Check whether the rotating speed of diesel engine is normal.

Generator can not be halted manually (all control


The generator still runs after halted

1. Check whether the positions of the key switch and control switch are appropriate;

2. Check fuel control solenoid valve, replace it for a new one if necessary.

9.4 ATS Manual/ Automatic Load Transfer

When the generator set is as the standby power of the power grid and it is necessary to transfer power supply, it is necessary to have a load transfer screen available. The design of transfer screen can output the signal of starting generator set when the faults occur to the power grid. When the standby power is normal, the load is transferred to the power and can be transferred to the power grid after the power grid is repaired well.

There are three types of standard load converters:

1. Electric supply =oil electromechanical power

2. Oil electromechanical power = oil electromechanical power

3 Oil electromechanical power = oil electromechanical power=electric supply

The maintenance and connection of in-built switch only can be operated by the professionally trained personnel for there is high voltage inside the conversion screen.

9.5 Introduction of Output Circuit Switch

The circuit output switch of the generator is the corresponding air switches of the rated power and output power of generator. When the handle is at the position of ON upward, the switch continually bears the rated current. When phase I or phase III exceeds the rated current within the duration, the switch will jump to the middle position and disconnect the power supply. The jump period depends on the exceeded percentage. The restart-up can be made after the switch is pressed back to the position (the handle is downward) of OFF.

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