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Symptoms of Diesel Generator Set Performance Degradation

Oct. 15, 2019

When using a diesel generator set, operators should pay more attention to the operation of the unit. If any malfunction occur, should deal with it in time. In addition, daily maintenance should be done every day. In this article, we will share the main symptoms of diesel generator set performance degradation.

diesel generator set

1. The power of diesel generator sets is reduced. The comparison between the maximum output power of the genset and the rated power specified in the technical specification can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the technical condition of the diesel generator set. In normal use, the degree of power reduction of the whole machine can also indicate the degree of wear of the parts, such as the wear of the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring and other parts.

2. Increased consumption of diesel fuel. The increase in diesel consumption is related to many factors. For example, if the fuel quantity of the injection pump is adjusted too large, the oil pumping will appear in the injector, the cooling effect will be poor, the inlet and exhaust valve will not be tightly sealed, the oil quality of the lubricating oil will be poor, and the cylinder pressure is too low, the amount of oil used in the operation of the diesel generator set will increase.

3. Increased consumption of lubricating oil. The diesel generator manufacturer found that the increase of lubricating oil was mainly reflected in the increase of the degree of wear of the cylinder and piston group during the normal operation of the generating set, and the more oil entered into the combustion chamber of the diesel generating set, the bigger blue smoke from the exhaust pipe of the power generator.

4. Cylinder pressure decreases. Good cylinder pressure can indicate the degree of air leakage of the cylinder liner and piston assembly as well as inlet & exhaust valve and the valve seat.

5. The pressure of crankshaft is reduced. The size of crankshaft pressure can judge the degree of wear of diesel generator set cylinder sleeve and piston assembly, which requires professional maintenance by the generator manufacturer.

6. Oil pressure is reduced. During the normal operation of the diesel generator set, the oil pressure can judge the wear of bearing. The lower the oil pressure, the bigger the wear clearance of the bearing.

7. The impurities in the lubricating oil increase. The amount of impurity in the lubricating oil can judge the degree of wear of the lubricating components inside the diesel genset. Diesel generator manufacturers can also judge the rate of wear of each moving parts by testing the content of each element in the lubricating oil.

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