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Diesel Generator Set Maintenance After Long Time Storage

Nov. 27, 2018

After purchasing the diesel generator set, users should pat attention to safety when using it. Especially when the generator set is just stopped, do not unscrew the radiator cover to fill or replace the coolant. Otherwise, the high temperature cooling water will cause serious burns. The genset is shut down and the diesel engine is completely cooled. The operation and precautions of the diesel generator set after shutdown are explained in detail below.


1. Shutdown operation of diesel generator sets

Receive a signal to ready to disassemble and perform a deceleration unloading. After unpacking, the machine gradually slowdown and cool down, and listen to the machine for any noise and determine its location and cause to stop.

2. The fuel pump is turned off normally (in special causes, faulty or emergency stop can be used), and the external circulation pump is turned off.

3. Brakes must be carried out when parking for more than 1 hour.

4. After parking, perform maintenance according to the operation, keep the equipment in good condition and clean.

5. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of each operating part of the diesel engine at least once a week, and find that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Precautions for diesel generator set shutdown

1. On-duty personnel must stick to their posts, do their jobs, and be diligent and strictly abide by the operating procedures.

2. The duty officer should carefully fill in the shift record. For the problems in the operation of the genset, it is necessary to deal with the shift, and make a written explanation of the next shift in detail, and report the key issues to the leader in a timely manner.

3. After the tools used are used up, you need to check the positioning and find out where to go for lost tools and parts.

4, smoking is prohibited in the main room, the workplace is kept hygienic, and measures are taken to eliminate noise.

Short-term shutdown maintenance method for diesel generator sets

If the diesel generator set needs to be deactivated for a period of time (1 to 3 month), it is necessary to do the cleaning work and the necessary oil seal measures to prevent rust.

I Before storage

1. Clean the surface of the diesel generator set, check for no visible dirt, oil, rust water, etc., then blow dry with compressed air, use a brush to evenly apply the anti-rust oil to the machines surface of all diesel generator metal surfaces (That is, the unfinished machined surface), note that the surface of rubber parts, plastic parts and fabric parts is not allowed to be coated with anti-rust oil.

Note:The surface of the accessory drive pulley must be protected against rust.

External sealing of the engine is recommended to use FD615 dehydrated anti-rust oil or anti-rust oil that meets the following performance requirements.


Quality index


Uniform brown



Dropping Point


Oil based stability (ml


Salt spray test

Steel sheet


Cast iron


Damp heat test

Steel sheet


Cast iron


Lamination test (7 days

Steel sheet


Corrosion test (14 day)

Steel sheet


Cast iron


2. Disconnect the battery cable, clean the terminals, apply a thin layer of grease, and charge the battery.

3. Make the drive tape slack

4. Seal or wrap all exposed air pipes, water pipes or tubing nozzles with moisture-proof paper or gas-phase rust-proof paper or polyethylene plastic film tape. The entire air filter should also be sealed wrapped with moisture-proof paper.

5. The diesel generator set is covered with a plastic cover or similar covering and the diesel generator set is placed in a well ventilated drying chamber.

II during storage

Charge the battery every month. Check the battery level, add as needed, and then charge. Use the turning tool to move the crankshaft 3-4 times a month. 

III Used after unpacking

When enabled, remove the fuel injection pump, send it to the designated service station for adjustment. Remove the cover and the wrapping, install the fuel injection pump to pump the fuel to the fuel system. Connect the battery cable and tension the drive belt, check the level of lubricant and coolant, add a proper amount of cleaning oil to the booster inlet. Use the turning tool to turn the crankshaft 3-5 turns first. Then start the diesel generator set in the corect way.

How to properly maintain the diesel generator set for long term shutdown?

If the diesel generator set is deactivated for more than 3 months, it needs to be sealed. The precautions are as follows:

1. After the last diesel generator set is used, the diesel generator oil is exhausted in the hot state, including the oil in the oil filter. Since the coolant has an anti-rust function, it does not need to be discharged. Add the qualified storage oil of the specified capacity to the crankcase, start the diesel generaotr st to idle speed, stop the operation for 1-1.5 minutes, and then release the sealing oil from the oil pan. The engine internal seal oil is dehydrated CF grade 15W/40 lubricant.

2. The external surface of the diesel generator set is cleaned against rust and other storage. Refer to the diesel generator set short-term outage maintenance method before the storage, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the diesel generator set is affixed with a label on the label. The diesel engine of the diesel generator set has no oil and should not be used.

I During storage

Charge the battery every month. Check the battery level, add as needed, and then charge. Use the turning tool to move the crankshaft 3-4 times a month.

II Used after unpacking

Remove the diesel generator cover and remove the sealing material of each nozzle, when it is activated, remove the fuel injection pump and send it to the designed service station for adjustment, install the fuel injection pump to pump the fuel to the fuel system. Connect the battery continuously, tension the drive belt, then add the oil and add the right amount of cleaning oil to the booster inlet. Then start the diesel generator set in the correct way. If it is more than 2 years old, the coolant must be replaced and the cooling system cleaned.

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