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Instructions to Correctly Shut Down Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 06, 2018


Diesel generator set correct shut down operation method

Proper operation of diesel generator set shut down is one of the effective measures to prevent the occurrence of faults, and has direct protection for extending its service life. Let us introduce the correct shutdown operation method of diesel generator set.

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1. Before stopping, first remove the load, then adjust the adjuster handle, gradually reduce the speed to about 750r/min, and then 3-5 minutes after the operation, then turn the stop handle to stop, try not to load the diesel generator set at full load as soon as possible. Stop to prevent accidents such as overhearing.


2. For a 12-cylinder V-type diesel engine, the electric key should be turned from left to intermediate position after shut down to prevent battery current from flowing back. When running in cold areas and need to stop, immediately open the drain valve on the side of the body, fresh water pump, oil cooler (or cooling water pipe) and radiator, and drain the cooling water to prevent freezing cracks. If you use antifreeze coolant, you do not need to open the drain valve.


3. For diesel engines that need to be stored for a long time, the last time the machine is shut down, the original oil should be drained, replaced with sealed oil, and then stored from about 2 minutes for sealing. If antifreeze coolant is used, it should also be released.


4. In case of emergency or special circumstances, in order to avoid serious accidents in the diesel engine, an emergency stop can be taken, and the emergency stop handle can be directly dialed.


Precautions for the use of the emergency stop button of the diesel generator set


The emergency stop button of the diesel generator set is a button that needs to be pressed when the generator set fails to stop normally when the generator set encounters a sudden situation or when there is an unexpected situation with the electric load. When the machine is stopped, it should be reset. It should be pressed for a long time. If it is pressed for a long time, it will definitely not start when the second should immediately press the emergency stop button?


1. The cooling water temperature or oil temperature rises sharply.

2. Oil pressure gauge pointer suddenly drops or no pressure.

3. Abnormal knocking sounds occurred in the operation of the diesel generator set, the flywheel was loose or the transmission mechanism was seriously abnormal.

4. The speed is automatically increased and there is a flying phenomenon.

5. A flammable and explosive latent accident occurred on the site of the diesel generator set.

6. The diesel line is broken, parts are damaged or moving parts such as piston and governors are stuck.


What should be paid attention to when the generator set is shut down?


1. The engine should be idling for a few minutes before stopping.

It is important to let the engine idle for 3 to 5 minutes before stopping, so that the lubricating oil and cooling water can take away heat from the combustion chamber, bearings and shafts. This is especially important for turbocharged engines.


The bearings and oil seals in the turbocharger are subject to the high temperature of the exhaust. When the engine is running, this hear is taken away by the circulating oil, but if the engine suddenly stops, the supercharger temperature may rise by as much as 56 °C. the result of overhearing will cause the bearing to jam or the oil seal to fail.


2. Do not let the engine idle for too long


Long idle operation is detrimental to the engine because the combustion chamber temperature is too low, making impossible for the fuel to burn completely. This will cause deposits that can clog the injector orifices and piston rings and may cause the valves to become stuck.


If the temperature of the engine coolant becomes too low, some unburned diesel will flush the oil on the cylinder wall and dilute the oil in the crankcase, so that all moving parts in the engine are poorly lubricated.


If the engine is not in use, it should be stopped.


3. Turn the key switch to the off position to turn off the engine


For engines with electric shut-off valves, the engine can be completely shut down by turning off the key switch or by turning the manual valve. The key switch controls the electric shut-off valve. As long as the manual control knob on the shut-off valve is not locked in the open position, turning off the key switch always stops the engine. If you use the manual control knob on the electric shut-off valve, turn the knob counterclockwise to turn the engine off. The valve cannot be re-opened with the key switch before the engine is completely down.


Notenever place the key switch or control knob in the open position or in the operating position when the engine is stopped. The high fuel tank will cause diesel to flow into the cylinder, causing hydraulic locking.


4. Stop any engine immediately if ant part is faulty.


In fact, all faults always give the operator some warning before the part fails and the engine is damaged. Some alter and experienced operators noticed the alarm signal (a sudden drop in oil pressure, abnormal sound, etc.) and immediately stopped the engine, thus saving many engines.


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